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  1. Greetings! Do you like to play Star Trek Online, but don't want to spend money for a Tier 6 ship? Good news! The 11th Anniversary event is coming this week and with it comes a chance to earn a T6 alliance vessel inspired by a combination of Romulan and Klingon tech, and as such comes with an enhanced battle cloak! Those who may remember the anniversary event from years past may remember the sometimes annoying Omega molecule event that you use to earn daily rep for your ship. And while that event is still available to earn your daily progress, this year continues the new philosophy with STO of multiple opportunities to earn daily progress (similar to how the winter event added every event as an option for progress). So you can do the omega molecule task if you like, or one of a host of other things if you prefer each day! So take a moment, pop in each day, and get that daily progress to pick up your FREE (and I think very sharp looking) ship!
  2. Happy belated Birthday @Vyrigan - so sorry I missed it.  Hope it was amazing. Miss talking with you.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday Vyrigan!

  4. Happy Birthday, Vyrigan! Hope you have a great one!

  5. Happy Birthday Vyrigan 😜

  6. Happy Birthday Vyrigan!

  7. Happy 12th anniversary of your 29th birthday!

  8. Happy, happy Birthday @Vyrigan!!  Hope it is as amazing as you.  Miss you!

  9. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  10. Oh man, I am down for some STO! I have been enjoying the glorious sands of Risa as the newly redone T6 Risian Corvette is a gorgeous ship (although I will probably never really use it except for show). I don't have any KDF toons, but I've got a good Fed and Rom (Fed aligned) who are ready for adventure.
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Vyrigan!

  12. Happy Birthday, young man!  I hope your day is every bit as special as you are!

                                  happy birthday GIF

  13. Wow!  The big 4...0, huh?  It only goes downhill from here, my friend.  lol


    Happy Birthday!

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