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  1. Hope your week is going well! 

    fall autumn GIF

  2. Wow I just saw your profile image, your chars are awesome!! Fashion wars champ over here~

    1. Pixi-Spit


      Aww thank you :D

      haha honestly the only one I'm happy with right now is Carlos (the one with the sword). He never dresses fancy, it's just part of his character :D

      the rest though, I'm on a mission to get better skins lol, especially for my sylvari.

      I know what he wants, I just gotta work hard to get it lol.


      I'm excited to see your characters, bet you got some interesting ones ^_^

      ill add you in game when I'm at my desktop next :D

      I already see you have a sylvari, of whom looks damn cool by the way ❤️