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  3. I am always into weird rpgs, but short campaigns only. What system would be used? Genysys? Savage Worlds? I can’t think of any mecha specific. edit: ah in house, sorry this is the first thing I saw when waking up. Regardless is it going to be narrative style or dice heavy? I have had a preference for the former lately
  4. That’s good to here. The first time we played 3.5 years we didn’t really know how sourcebooks worked and just googled race and class options which led us to exclusively homebrewed stuff. One character in our group didn’t eat, drink, sleep, or die. Which is good because we were rolling acro checks to cross a bridge for some reason and he fell to his death. Now pathfinders stuff is more balanced but there is so much. My advice is stick to the core rulebook with some extra races depending on the setting. Though I often allow my players to use the unchained monk and unchained rogue from pathfinder unchained. Those two classes are a bit underpowered otherwise. UC monk is full base attack bonus and UC rogue gets weapon finesse for free. The level of customization in PF can be super rewarding and makes it easy to make whatever sort of character you want then pick the class combos that allow it to happen. It’s a common trap for new players, especially video game players to pick a class and define your character around that when PF encourages the other way around. But yea, if you have rule questions or something else, lemme know and o could prob help. It is my 3rd or 4th favorite system after all lol.
  5. Hey! @RaVemI heard the word Pathfinder being tossed about which is a sure way to draw me in. It certainly can be overwhelming if you jump in a game for the first time with no restrictions. Though, I have gotten several into tabletop through that system. Especially people like me who love stats. Out of curiosity, were you given no restrictions on character options when you first played? There are a lot of books, many of which are geared toward specific types of campaigns (planar, aquatic, horror) with so many character options. as a gm myself, I usually limit players to the core rulebook only if they are new then the advanced players guide, the ultimate books and 3 or so player companions that fit the setting for advanced players. I find it keeps everything focused. I am always curious about how to best get people into pathfinder because I find it incredibly rewarding with all its small +2 modifiers for specific things you did in the past that return in unexpected ways. I am playing 5e as well for the first time. I enjoy it but it’s probably the absurd group I play with more than anything. My mind has trouble accepting advantage and disadvantage as a system, it feels lazy and does not account for the little variables. It does play way better for high level martiwl characters. But I probably would not have that problem if I started with it. I love 7th sea 2e after all which is almost all narrative with dice rolls restricted the the start of encounters.
  6. All love for PF and Paizo's writing and customer service staff, because that is what makes it. Good setting and they developers constantly respond to forum posts.

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