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  1. You guys jumped servers a long time and I don't want to move off of the one we started on. I know I won't be moving.
  2. I use a controller w/ a lot of custom macros and it works well for me.
  3. I love white mage!!! Healing is so much fun! I even do it on controller.
  4. I would be far more willing to re-sub if I had a group to play with. This game isn't super fun solo as a healer and I feel pretty isolated on Mateus from where our guild was originally and I got left here.
  5. So I need to make a new friend for a quest: 2654 8016 1231 @DigitalMonk thanks for the add and now be prepared for daily gifts as I can't get rid of them fast enough.
  6. I will not be moving and didn't even know we voted on this.
  7. Honestly, it was just mostly a learning curve of what everything is and what it's used for. After a week playing the game you find out what the things are. For me, at least, it is: /micon "SkillNameHere" (This simply makes the macro's icon the picture of the chosen skill) /macroerror off (This turns off text notifications if there is a macro error -- This is mainly used if you nest targets or skills in a single macro for redundancy) /action "SkillNameHere" <t> (This uses the skill you want on whatever you're targeting IE: If you are targeting the tank the it will affect the tank) /action "SkillNameHere" <tt> (This uses the skill you want on the target of your target IE: If you are targeting the tank it will target whatever the tank is attacking) /wait .5 (This is used to put in a time delay which is useful in stacking skills in a single macro. The lowest usable number I have found is .5) Here are some examples on how I'll use them: Stone, basic DPS skill for Conjurer/White Mage: /micon "Stone" (This makes the icon of the skill "Stone") /macroerror off (This is prevent the game from spamming me error messages because of my target redundancy nesting below) /action "Stone" <t> (I will cast the skill "Stone" at my target. Useful when soloing content or need to manually change targets myself) /action "Stone" <tt> (I will cast the skill "Stone" at the target of my target. If I'm healing this means I will simply attack what they are attacking) Raise, skill for Conjurer/White Mage used to bring allies back to life: /micon "Raise" (This makes the icon of the skill "Raise") /macroerror off (This is prevent the game from spamming me error messages for any reason) /action "Swiftcast" (I will cast the skill "Swiftcast") /wait .5 (This puts in a time delay which is necessary when nesting skills in a single macro as skill delay will prevent additional skills from triggering) /action "Raise" (I will cast the skill "Raise". I did not need to designate a target as I can't use on an enemy and it won't be cast if nothing is targeted)
  8. Please copy and paste into your reply. 1. How are the default settings? Is there anything that should be changed immediately? Answer: Umm, they default settings are fine I think. I haven't really played with much. One of the toggled skill bars has bunch of the menu links on it. I just got rid of that since the menu is super easy to navigate through. 2. How is menu navigation handled? Is it easy to navigate? Answer: It's super easy! Granted, I don't know how it is for M/K but I just press START and use the D-Pad to go to what I need. 3. Is it easy to find the things within the menu's? If not why and Is there setting to make it easier. Answer: Like I said, I find things super easy to find. It was a bit confusing at first not knowing what anything was or which tab it was under but once you figure it out it's super quick! 4. How is targeting handled? Answer: Targeting either sucks or is amazing. As a healer, I find the targeting AmAzing! If a person is in your party you can just up and down on D-Pad to change targets. However, if your a DPS it can very unreliable. For example: I just hit the A Button in hopes of targeting the person in front of me.... instead I get an NPC in the background. 5. How are aoes handled is there a setting or a macro that makes it easier to target where you want the aoe to land. Answer: I haven't really messed around a lot with settings aside from adding an extra skill bar that I use to see the cooldowns of skills/spells that I have macro'd to other things. However, the default setting is pretty simple. - You use the skill - A big AoE ring appears that you can move around with the joystick - Press A to drop the skill effect at the location of the circle 6. FFXIV has alot of skills how easy is it to manage these skills and keep track of them? Answer: I think for some Jobs it's easier than others. Astrologian will probably need to flip back and forth between skill bars since they have so many card skills. My bard, on the other hand, is really easy to get things on a single skill bar and most skills can be macro'd onto other skills based on CDs and how you'd always want to do rotations. This brings me to main thing that makes playing on a controller possible... 7. Any important information that I have missed that should be added into the guide? Answer: Macros, Macros, Macros.... They pretty much make playing with a controller possible, but also really enjoyable and relaxing. If you look at my screenshots you can see most my skills have the little gear in the corner meaning they are macros. I primarily have macros that allow me to cast multiple spells at the same time that will pretty much always be vast together - or - macros that allow me to cast my DPS skills on an enemy w/o having to untarget my allies. (honestly I imagine playing a tank on controller hard though I want to try it and I'll give feedback on that) 8. Are you willing to provide screenshots and or video to help new players through the setup process? Answer: Yeah. I have no problem helping people out.
  9. I think this is a good idea. We should not be in a rush. Let us get settled, figure things out, and get in flow of things. With that being said, the effort and time you're putting in to this is encouraging and I look forward to what lies ahead.
  10. So, I have been doing some research as of late to try and find out more history and stuff about this game. I also looked into job roles and the like for the sake of RP. From my understanding, certain job roles are not possible or are not recognized as canon in RP? For example, the White Mage power is so powerful it was only allowed to certain select people and was locked away. The only people to possess the power of a White Mage are 3 NPCs (or 4 if you count dead people), and the main story character. However, it is my understanding that you do not consider yourself the main story character in RP as that is taboo. Now, you could just RP as a very strong Conjurer, which isn't that different mechanically. Now, I'm curious if there are other Jobs like this in the game. I really hate playing most DPS classes and really don't want to go through their quest lines to figure this out.
  11. until

    I won't be able to make it but I hope you guys have a fun time.
  12. And it auto syncs your time zone!! That's the best thing for me (I suck with time zones).
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