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  1. @witchboltsi almost forgot too! I was checking my email and I had a reminder there it was a close call I joined up the night before it started
  2. This is very, very (very) late but with the quarantine I'm free whenever for write-ins
  3. Hey all! Just dropping in to see if anyone is doing Camp NaNoWriMO this April. It's already a day in so it's a bit late but I think now is a very good time for us all to be writing. With the good, the bad, and the wtf is even happening in the world; we writers definitely need to focus on ways to relax and escape. I'm not sure about everyone else but writing has always been my way of doing that. Sooo with that. If you're doing Camp NaNo let me know. Maybe we can do some writing together. Host a RoH Write-in one of the days this month or something. If not I still definitely want to know what all of you are working on right now! Hope you're safe, ~Quietly
  4. I love Fantasy Name generator, it's super useful. I also like to use behindthename.com's random name generator whenever I'm looking for names. It lets you pick from a bunch of different options to customize what type of name you're looking for and supplies some for you. Then you get to click around on them to see their meanings & background. It's the best.