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    If you guys ever need back up for R4 I have tank/dps either faction available almost every night except Thursdays. Just message me on discord!
  2. Happy Birthday Scya

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  6. Here are my bad notes! --- 1) For the group rate hotel. They are booking slowly. K'lon is unsure if people are not booking because they are worried they are locked in in some way. They say "don't worry", it is not a problem in that way (from what I understand). But it is important to book early because we have a "block" of 15, and the sooner we fill it open, the sooner we'll be able to make sure future Remnants attendees will be able to get their price locked in for the next block of 15. 2) Medinari shares that if you booked, OR you are looking to book, please fill out the form. It helps with figuring out the blocks. If you put "thinking of attending" and then booked after, go fill it out a second time ^ form 3) K'lon says you can add days. But you don't get the group rate. Just ask them when you reserve! At the same time, or later, you can always add dates later. 5) K'lon, Medi, Yiss, Val, Doccs, Anna are the working group. Any questions? Ask them or post in this #roh-meetup discord channel! 6) The interest group on the forums is also having a lot of info! 7) There's lots to do in vegas. not just casinos. People are talking about what to do and ideas for vegas fun. Val has never been to Vegas and knows that gambling is a big part of Vegas, but they are not a big fan of that. So they are looking into non-casino activities. - One of the most attractive to them is The Grande Canyon. It is a 1-day trip, can take a tour, or rent a van or go by ourselves, whatever is cheaper and conventient. -- Probably best day for this is Sunday. - Another is rollercoasters! The New York New York casino for thrill seeking. -Jokingly they say they will plan a separate trip to visit Wal-Mart since they are not in the USA. - Red rock is another national park that is more nearby to vegas than the grand canyon. - "The O" is a show of Cirque de Soleil, it's a "water show" in the Bellagio. A few people really want to go. See post up in interest group in the forums. Probably have to be Friday-Sunday so we can go - its not every day - If you want to do ANYTHING and want to find a group to do it with, post in the interest group! shopping, mob museum, sky diving, etc the only way to find out if people want to go is to ask! don't be afraid to ask. a lot of people wanna do a lot of different thins. 9) Also post in interest group for ride share, room share, etc on the interest forum! says K'lon 10) Yiss says they are getting a "van" to "go places". Like wal-mart and get a stash of stuff. They say an iternary / plan helps a lot to stop rushing around. If you have any ideas, big or small, half-bekd or full, throw it out there so it can be planned out by the group 11) If you are the kind of person who just wants to hang out in their room and just visit that is fine too! 12) Saturday 2 - 8 there will be a room reserved for a "party" or something 13) Benz is going to stream tomorrow games, Ann is doing something next month, Topher was thinking of doing something, maybe something month after, to raise funds to pay for those who couldn't otherwise come and help cover shared costs like a van for things everyone is doing together. K'lon encourages you do donate. 14) K'lon says even small amounts like $1-$2 adds up for a donation to the funds! 15) K'lon says if you want to volunteer to help with tasks while in vegas please contact them. Want to be a greeter? etc! Or help with tasks like a rsvp list, organizing trip to grande canyon beforehand, etc if interested in volunteering let the team know. 16) Topher requests spread the news to every division! Since there is a lot of ESO people, but everyone is welcome and invited It just kinda happened cus K'lon and Val started planning and roped in people they new, but they would love if you talk to other divison friends and not crate the impression it's an ESO thing 17) K'lon is gaging interest and wanted to ask: there are some people who like to party, some who don't and some who can't. K'lon wants to crate a space that is safe for clean and sober, or people who are awkward around alcohol, within the RoH event. RoH meeting on saturday, potentially the first three hours alcohol free, then after that, non-alcohol free, and then after that it's up to others. Of course, what everyone decides to do during the non-RoH events is up to them. ex even if 1 person out of 10 is uncomfortable, we want them to feel comfortable. ex one player said "what if I enjoy to drink all day?" jokingly. But options floated are... maybe they could attend later in the day. Maybe limit drinking minimally so not fully drunk when they attend early. etc. K'lon says we support you, to those who would like a quieter time or have special requests or needs to carve out a comfortable space for everyone. Please contact K'lon privately. Cus we need to start talking about it now to make it easier to plan, rather than last-minute "It might take a bit of planning but we're will to make everyone included" 18) Vale says for specific diets... we are going to go and buy stuff at walmart if you need something outside of a typical restaurant. This is Vegas, if you have dietary restrictions, you should be fine. There is options everywhere. Topher suggests potentially a buffet since lots of options there So we can buy stuff from the grocery store if you struggle to eat common restaurant food (vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, etc) 19 You are welcome to make your own arrangements for where you want to stay if you don't want to stay in the group's hotel. 20) You are welcome to invite frinds and family. 21) Scya asks - will we re-check where Cornavirus safety status is again closer to, since it's fluxuating a lot? K'lon says we can vote/talk about ti closer too yes. We may hve to move it for heat anyway. 22) Player asks - can we check vaccination statues for our group? ... good question. no real answer I think. More discussion happening. Will also need to to discuss closer to. Feel it out better then. 23) Player recommends that you wear a mask / vacc regardless of the laws. Vegas is an intersection of many places and people so be as careful as possible. 24) Tshirts? K'lon says they need a volunteer to help set it up form the team. Scya has a ton of info, she can set everything up once a desing is chosen, but she wants someone from the team to help figure out how to pick the design. Medi says she can pick it up later, Req says we won't do this right away either. @Requian will head up the tshirt project in late september. Req message Scya when you are ready! 25) Special Nametags? Scya will design, Medinari will print!
  7. If you can pick one thing to do "near" Vegas this is my suggestion! Just seeing the Grand Canyon, even for 5 minutes over a railing, is pretty awe-inspiring. If you are feeling up to about 1-2 hours of hiking not too strenuous, there is also some amazing viewpoints partway down on a man-made path.
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    no! just show up
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    Happy Birthday Scya! :) 

  10. Hi Ammy may I share your screneshot on the RoH Twitter?
  11. Happy Birthday @Scya!! Hope it is as amazing as you :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Scya!  I hope you have a great day today!  It was your SWTOR YouTube videos that brought me here to ROH.  Keep up the great work!  ❤️ 

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    Hope it's a great one! 

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