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  1. until

    @Merliah @Aedi Lanigiro I'm tagging you all because you are a responsible adults and I'll forget to tell you all tonight For this raid, the one on the Friday June 7th, myself, Owyn, Kataflaw will be gone. Some of our usual backups will also be gone include Orig and Aravail. Good luck ya'll should run Ravagers again.
  2. until

    @Owyn I should be here for this one but there is a small chance I might not be. If you don't hear from me you know what happened
  3. until

    @OwynI will be doing a road trip to Sequoia National park. I'm going to go in a crystal cave!
  4. until

    I will be here for this one
  5. @Owyn @Sayuri @Merliah @Aedi Lanigiro @Hippy @brnji @Andah Eliian my husband keeps asking me to put the video public, does anyone have any objections to this
  6. Due to my rough schedule and always being exhausted going into these late night raids, I had been considering dropping out even though I enjoyed it so much... but after looking at the few clips I'd accidentally recorded between fights I was laughing too hard I don't think I can leave now @Owyn @Sayuri @Merliah @Aedi Lanigiro @Hippy @brnji @Andah and @Katalaw and @Neo for good measure
  7. I'm a little late but happy birthday!! Hope you had an amazing day and an amazing year to come!


    1. Scya


      thank you very much!

  8. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @Scya

    1. Scya


      thank you neo!!!

  9. Happy birthday!

    1. Scya


      thank you jae!!

  10. Happy Birthday Scya ❤️ Another year sweeps by! Have a great day

    1. Scya


      Thank you!!!

  11. Happy Birthday @Scya!!


    You were DC when I joined, and I will never forget your helpfulness, kindness. 



    1. Scya


      Thank you Eli!! I feel the same about you in the various roles you've taken 💕

  12. happy birthday GIF

    1. Scya


      Thanks Merls!! Sad I won't be able to raid with you all on my birthday!

    2. Merliah


      We'll be thinking of you! 💖 Yeah I got lucky in that way.

  13. Nyx

    happy birthday cat GIF

    Happy birthday! :D 

    1. Scya


      Thank you!! :)

Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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