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  1. I'm a little late but happy birthday!! Hope you had an amazing day and an amazing year to come!


    1. Scya


      thank you very much!

  2. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @Scya

    1. Scya


      thank you neo!!!

  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Scya


      thank you jae!!

  4. Happy Birthday Scya ❤️ Another year sweeps by! Have a great day

    1. Scya


      Thank you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday @Scya!!


    You were DC when I joined, and I will never forget your helpfulness, kindness. 



    1. Scya


      Thank you Eli!! I feel the same about you in the various roles you've taken 💕

  6. happy birthday GIF

    1. Scya


      Thanks Merls!! Sad I won't be able to raid with you all on my birthday!

    2. Merliah


      We'll be thinking of you! 💖 Yeah I got lucky in that way.

  7. Nyx

    happy birthday cat GIF

    Happy birthday! :D 

    1. Scya


      Thank you!! :)

  8. until

    @Owyn we have another family birthday. Apparently everyone in our family timed it or something. I won't be there. I will be there April 5th but NOT April 12th (I'll be in Chicago for Star Wars Celebration)
  9. until

    Hi I'll be there Crap @Sayuriwon't be here I'll have to step up my game as tank I think @Drevina mentioned something about being a backup too via @Katalaw
  10. until

    HI IM ALIVE AND WILL BE THERE I'm surprised I'm not in backup mode sorry for missing so many days
  11. until

    @Owyn My father in laws birthday friday so going out for dinner
  12. until

    I set an alarm so I don't forge today
  13. until

    I'm sorry I dun fucked this one up. I got home from my work trip and turned into a vegetable and forgot all other responsibilities other than chilling. Sorry!! Thanks Katalaw for texting me.

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