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    Put me as a maybe, I don't work until 4:15pm on Friday, but that could change. DPS.
  2. hunterhead

    [PVP-PUB] Pub Side Unranked

    Come and join in on the wonderful world of Unranked PVP on Pubside. @Dimisticlus will lead the group and slay the opposition. Requirements are to have a Level 75 with at least a iRating of 270
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    Come and have fun in the Lowbies PVP event! There is only one requirement and that is to have a character above the level of 10, although I would recommend to bring a higher level (40+) since the Lowbies and Midbies bracket are combined now! This event is 2 hours long, and lets have some fun Event Start Date: 06/09/2021
  4. hunterhead

    VMOPs Dread Fortress


    Heals. I need to get back into healing again.
  5. hunterhead

    Unproductive Ops

    I'll have to step out. Ping issues would make it more likely for me to stand in stupid, but the ping is untrustworthy.
  6. hunterhead

    Unproductive Ops

    Since I want @Caiobkw to do the raid with his in game resolution screwed up I can DPS. For an added effect of standing in stupid, I will bring a class that I am especially prone to PVP twitch on just so I can run in front of the boss. Gods would be a good op for tonight, since there are SO many mechanics that can be screwed up
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  8. hunterhead

    VMOPS Scum and Villainy


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    I can DPS
  10. until

    If it is made into 16 man I can DPS.
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    I can come mDPS. I can tank, but it won't be pretty.
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    I can rDPS
  13. hunterhead

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    @Skysta if you need a DPS, I can come tonight!
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    I am out this and next week, but good luck to everyone!
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  17. hunterhead

    [PVE-Pub] The Eyeless


    I can come as mDPS
  18. hunterhead

    VMOPs is SMOPs Dxun


    mDPS. I shall kite Kronissus again.
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    Need more conquest on my sniper, rDPS
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    If I have my sniper to 75, I will bring him. If not, I'll bring my other sniper (rDPS please)
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    Would probably be a good idea for the PvP officer to come experience GSF, since it is PvP after all.
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    I'll be here as a backup! Any role.
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    I've missed VM Gods! I can do rDPS for this, or tank if you REALLY want excitement.
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    Tank, I need to give tanking this another try!