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  1. Finally have my 306 sage set gear for dps (telekinetics) with gathering storm set and have ear and implants to swap out for healing (alacrity). Working on finishing up the set for kinetic combat on my shadow (just need relics) and then will get a dps set on him as well! I have a decent basic 306 dps set on him I can use in the meantime. Everything can still use some tweaking but I think I'm close to having tank, heals and dps covered.

  2. until

    I just found out that I have tonight free - rare for me on a Tuesday - so I'll definitely be happy to show up and help fill out a group if possible!
  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!!! 🎉

  4. I don't know that I'll be super active, although I do plan to keep playing and have the expansions through Rohan or so now. Swtor is still my main game and takes up a good chunk of my play time. I'd be happy to join a kinship and group up when I'm on, though
  5. It was really fun to finally get to  finally attend vmops again last night! Not sure when my schedule will allow it again, though.

  6. I've fallen behind with this and while I'll try to catch up it may not been in the next couple of weeks. I'll be out of town a lot - especially weekends - through the remainder of August.
  7. I've been busy with other things lately and so have fallen behind but getting to level 30 in the next week or so is probably manageable.
  8. Landroval! I'd be up for it if you want to pick a time and see if we can coordinate.
  9. Rashildhon is 24 now. I'll work on getting to 30 by the weekend.
  10. Quick update: We're dog sitting for some friends and they will likely be picking up the pups tonight right around the event time so I may end up being late or having to step out for a bit.
  11. I should be able to make 7 eastern work if that is a good time for the group in general.
  12. Are we planning on this tomorrow? Deciding on some activities tomorrow and I can probably work around an event for lotro if I know before the end of the day today.
  13. My Loremaster is 20. I'll try to make it if the event is schedule for the 2nd.