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  1. Dalivandrian

    Star Fortresses!

    This week we'll be taking out star fortresses! If you need to get companions, achievements, decorations or just earn some credits come out and join us! You'll need to have finished chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire. In order to access heroic mode star fortresses you need to run one in story mode one time. Don't worry if you still need to do that - we can run you through one at the event! Please rsvp and let me know what role(s) you'd like to bring.
  2. Dalivandrian

    Morning SmOps KP


    Any role!
  3. Dalivandrian

    Flashpoints! (pub side)

    We're back to flashpoints this week! Let me know which role(s) you would like to bring! This is a pub side event.
  4. Dalivandrian

    VMOPs Karagga's Palace


    Any role
  5. Dalivandrian


    This week we'll set out to tackle heroics. We'll choose by interest so if you have a favorite set be sure to mention which it is! We'll be on republic side and you'll need a level 15 character. Please rsvp and let me know which role(s) you can bring!
  6. Dalivandrian

    VMOPs Eternity Vault

    Backup any role.
  7. until

    Pew, pew! (rdps, please!)
  8. Dalivandrian

    Morning SmOps Dread Palace


  9. until

    Glad all the bugs had been squashed and we were able to get through this time!
  10. until

    @Calub We'll be on pub
  11. until
    A bit late getting this posted, but since the bugs with this flashpoint were supposedly fixed with the recent patch let's give it another go this week and see if we can complete it! Let me know what role you prefer to bring. If we get enough people we can run multiple groups. Group 1: Tank: Dalivandrian Heals: @Sumeran Dps: @Ren'ato Dps: @Calub
  12. until

    rdps preferred this time around but willing to swap to heals if you end up needing someone.
  13. Recently finished Battle Ground by Jim Butcher and Dawnshard by Brandon Sanderson. Current print (ebook) is Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson and audiobook is Deep Wizardry by Diane Duane. Our library just consolidated their electronic offerings and pretty much everything is available via Libby (by Overdrive). I like the app layout and it syncs content between devices which is handy. It's a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the Overdrive app and the connect sync seems much more reliable. I need to get back to some of the physical books I own and have stalled out on, but trying to finish RoW before the loan expires.
  14. until

  15. until
    This week we're back to flashpoints and I am hoping that we can give the new flashpoint being introduced today in 6.2 a go! Sign up if you'd like to come along!