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  1. This book may be a good resource for those of you interested in setting up a workout routine at home while practicing social distancing. I really respect the trainer that put this out and own the book myself in hard copy. I don't get any sort of profit from sales of this book - I just think that it has very sound fundamental advice and routines. A couple of notes about it: 1. The exercises that he includes do sometimes use equipment. He almost always includes some sort of low-cost DIY alternative. Some examples: door frame pull-up bar, home-made ab roller (with lawnmower tires, I have actually made a set of these and they are very cheap and very effective!), resistance bands. 2. While he includes a beginner-friendly workout, it is not the primary focus of the book I think it is a great resource for $1 if you keep those things in mind. You CAN put together an all bodyweight routine with this book, but it is really intended to help you set up a program at home with resources that make it more manageable and less costly than buying commercial equipement.
  2. I'm now on book two of The Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. It's got a very interesting premise (or set of premises?) and setting and I really like his writing style. Hard to describe, so here is some more information straight from the author himself if you are inclined to check them out: https://www.maxgladstone.com/2014/09/1364/ In non-fiction land, I just picked up The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers
  3. I actually got myself 'back on' the bandwagon a month or two before the new year but I'll gladly join you all on this one going through 2020. I got serious about a fitness and health regimen about 10 years ago when I had a bit of a wake-up call at a doctor's visit. I did really well and got myself into pretty decent shape and was able to come back off the medications I was put on. I'm not anti-medication, I just realized that with some effort I could probably get myself in a situation where they were not yet necessary. So, I got a bit complacent in the intervening time and have recently made a commitment to get back to it! I'm not a spring chicken anymore (more of a mid to late fall chicken at this point, I think) so I really want to keep this up to help my quality of life. I feel so much better already, physically and mentally. I think finding something you like doing is a big part of the challenge. I'm currently working my way back through Mark Verstegen's Core Performance program. It was recommended to me years ago by a PT while I was getting rehab for one thing or another - I don't recall which particular thing it was. I had a number of issues on and off when I was playing racquetball seriously. Anyhow, I really like it as it trains a lot of different modalities: flexibility, balance, strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity (He has this under Energy System Development). I modify it a bit as I prefer to work out at home so I do a lot of bodyweight, dumbell and resistance band training for some of the strength work. I supplement with some yoga as well. Once I'm done with that I plan to put some programs together with some books that I got from Ross Enamait. Never Gymless and Infinite Intensity are the books I have. He trains boxers but he has some really great no-nonsense fitness advice in his materials and I love his general philosopy. His books and site got me into jumping rope in the winter when it is crappy, cold (esp when below 0) and icy out for the ESD/aerobic part of my routine. I think little things like taking the stairs, parking a little further and walking, getting up from the desk and stretching, can make a difference as well. Helps me think and see myself as 'active' even more than doing the workouts sometimes. Great to have some company on the journey and glad to a part of the club!
  4. Finally have my 306 sage set gear for dps (telekinetics) with gathering storm set and have ear and implants to swap out for healing (alacrity). Working on finishing up the set for kinetic combat on my shadow (just need relics) and then will get a dps set on him as well! I have a decent basic 306 dps set on him I can use in the meantime. Everything can still use some tweaking but I think I'm close to having tank, heals and dps covered.

  5. until

    I just found out that I have tonight free - rare for me on a Tuesday - so I'll definitely be happy to show up and help fill out a group if possible!
  6. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!!! 🎉

  7. I don't know that I'll be super active, although I do plan to keep playing and have the expansions through Rohan or so now. Swtor is still my main game and takes up a good chunk of my play time. I'd be happy to join a kinship and group up when I'm on, though
  8. It was really fun to finally get to  finally attend vmops again last night! Not sure when my schedule will allow it again, though.

  9. I've fallen behind with this and while I'll try to catch up it may not been in the next couple of weeks. I'll be out of town a lot - especially weekends - through the remainder of August.
  10. I've been busy with other things lately and so have fallen behind but getting to level 30 in the next week or so is probably manageable.
  11. Landroval! I'd be up for it if you want to pick a time and see if we can coordinate.
  12. Rashildhon is 24 now. I'll work on getting to 30 by the weekend.