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    Guild Wars 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Clive Barker, Horror Movies, Heavy Metal, Meshuggah, Opeth, Maestitium, Deftones.

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    Tabitha Firethunder, Jalgoth, Coltoguire, Lucid Prisms, Jade Arrakis, Illyana Firestorm, Etheral Dirge, Dahlia Soulsmasher, Thume Throatcrusher, Void Thorn
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  1. X3rce5

    GW2 Fractal Night!


    You are more than welcome to come along for Fractal Nights! And no need to apologize, it's what we're here for 1) Fractal Nights are on Mondays @ 8PM EST. You just need to account for the time difference with your time zone so for example, I'm MST, so Fractal Nights on Monday would be 6 PM for me. 2) Like I said you are more than welcome to come along. There are no level requirements or restrictions. In fractals there is a mechanic called "Agony Resistance" or as it known in-game as AR. You start with 0 and that will get you through about the first 20 fractals until you'll need to start infusing AR into your gear. 3) Should the timing not line up for Fractal Nights, do not worry. You can always call out in the guild chat in-game and ask anyone that is online to jump in and help out. Same goes for any activity you either miss or the timing doesn't line up. Again, please feel free to reach out for anything.
  2. Happy Birthday friend!! 🥳🎉

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had an awesome day! From what I read from Meredith you had surgery recently and I just wanted to say I hope your recovery is going well!

    1. Nachocheez


      Thank you!  I had an awesome day and recovering very nicely! 


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