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  1. Happy Birthday, Bander!!! 🥳 Welcome to the 28 club (a club I’ll actually be leaving in a few months, LOL). Hope it was a great day!

    1. Barandar


      Haha, thank you! 

  2. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! :D

  3. I seem to play Witch more than anything :x, I've been playing a Bane Occultist for Heist with linked curses and a Soulrend totem. Whatever Bane doesn't insta wipe, Soulrend cleans up afterwards. I've also taken a Saboteur, Deadeye, and Elementalist to reds, and then I have a host of other characters who are somewhere in the 2nd half of story world that I don't play as much. Honestly I'm hard pressed to pick an ACTUAL favorite, because there's so much versatility across all classes. I definitely play Witch builds the most though.
  4. Thank you for this! It looks pretty great. I will add myself soon!
  5. Metabattle is pretty good for gear! I'm not sure there is a more comprehensive site with information currently.
  6. I think Twilight Oasis is probably my favorite. I also like the mechanics of a few others, like Swampland and Snowblind. Cliffside is pretty fun too.
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    Hope it's a great one, @Barandar!