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  1. The Half-Slav's right, cuz they are really damn ugly...
  2. @KalianVan Sorry I couldn't make it, had a thing with registering for classes next year that I had to go to. Also why did you sound like chaos from the first Gothic Armada trailer towards the end? @Kriege7I got the xeno-compatibility thing didn't I?
  3. Nova05

    Recommended Games

    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion is also a good strategy game, it is much more of an RTS though. It also has great mod support as well. It's for sale for 10 right now on Steam.
  4. From today to the 18th of November, the Base Version of Destiny 2 is free on PC. Free, not a free weekend or limited time, FREE! I just wanted to make sure no one missed out!
  5. They will feel the might of our federation!!!!! And possibly my planet cracker....
  6. @KalianVan God-Emperor Kalian
  7. @Phoenix It was just a joke, to be honest I probably would have gone exterminatus on them, so....
  8. @KalianVan Well at least then you would have UNLIMITED POWAH!!!!
  9. Well at least you didn't pull a @Phoenix and crack their planets.
  10. Nova05

    Multiplayer Game

    I'm working then, and won't get off till 11 that night. So I won't be able to make it.
  11. Neo




  12. Birthday blessings!  Don't crash the speeder! :)

  13. Happy Birthday @Nova05 Bill and Ted would totally be with you on crashing as many speeders as possible, I'm sure.  Just remember what Elspereth said "There is a direct correlation between your high insurance premiums and the number of speeders you decimate." Course she is all CEO business type. Elisiel would of course say "Awesome!" Shaedoe advises you to add a few turrets to the speeder for maximum destruction 😛



    Bill & Ted 4.jpg

    1. Nova05


      Well if Elspereth is worried about rising premiums...

      car crash GIF

    2. Elisel


      Oh. My. Goodness.

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