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  1. until

    rdps/heals if I can level my tank in time I could try that
  2. MikeyMoe

    Mastermode Flashpoints


    I'd like to attend but I might not make it if I can I can Rdps or heal.
  3. MikeyMoe

    SMOPS - KP


    Heals or Rdps
  4. MikeyMoe

    Pirate Incursion


    I should be able to make it.
  5. MikeyMoe

    MasterMode Flashpoints


    I can bring. 75 Commando Heal 75 Jedi Sage Heal
  6. The Start of my Jedi Guardian Tank journey.
    So far it's pretty good and it's very easy to play you kinda just stab everyone!

  7. until

    70 Commando Heals or 75 Jedi Sage Heals
  8. MikeyMoe

    Mastermode Flashpoints


    Commando Heal Sage Heal
  9. Good roleplay today was very fun! Thank you @Jae Onasi for hosting you did really good with the RP and thanks to everyone else who roleplayed I had a really fun time with you all.

  10. until

    If I can come I can bring Pub Side 1. Level 70 Trooper Commando Heal 2. Level 70 Jedi Sage Heal ---- Imp Side 1. Level 43 Bounty Hunter Heal
  11. Last Saturday was a great day I had really fun rping with @Kushluk Shimazu @Slazersc @Skywalker17 @Madhatter5510 and many others I think I did well with my character and was a good first rp experience with RoH!

  12. Hello, Today was really fun. I want to thank everyone who was holocron hunting today. I also got to level 60 on my main Yay! And I started a Sage. Also worked on my RP character.

  13. So recently I've been playing Shadow Of Revan Prelude I realized something, The Combat Droid is OP. So the reason I think the Combat Droid is really powerful is that he has a lot of HP so he can tank he outputs a lot of DPS and you can respawn him. But if somehow your HP drops your companion can just heal you and then you can just DPS. I want to know do you guys think he is OP?

  14. Hello, I recently hit level 55 on my Commando Yay. It took way shorter than expected I did the hurt cartel Dlc and have started Shadow of Revan very good Dlc's so far if you want to join ask me. I'm working on joining the discord and will have to wait until I get on my computer. Until then have fun and thanks for reading.

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