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  1. Felipe

    DC Universe

    Uhhh! I actually log some time ago. I used to play this with a friend just for the story line (and to feel like batman :P). How often do you guys play it? I also heard the game has a kind of pay-to-win, but can I enjoy casually the free version? Like, doing some dungeons and maybe pvp with you all?
  2. I'm playing with the tiral version for a couple of weeks now (Character's name is Cullen Mustang ) and while looking around the subscription fee I discovered that I can pay through my steam wallet....only if I buy the game through steam. First, do you guys play through steam? Is it better? It doesn't matter? Now my question is....if I decide to buy the game, can I buy through steam and keep the character I've been using? Paying through steam's wallet would really be better for me. I looked a little at FFXIV website and didn't find anything like 'linking to steam account'.
  3. Felipe

    Favourite animes

    My favorite of all time is for sure are Barakamon and Hajime no Ippo! Can't decide between them! HAHA! Others that I really liked are: Death note Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Silver Spoon (Didn't finish yet) Cowboy Bebop One Piece (Actually it's been a time since I watched an episode, mostly reading the manga now. But always going back to videos to see specific scenes.) One Punch-man Orange
  4. Felipe

    A testament to Community

    Wooo! I've been testing the trial and I like it so far! I just want to understand how on earth I can change my style to use cool looking clothes/armors.
  5. Happy birthday @Angelyxx!!! All the success for you! :D :D 

  6. Happy birthday @Tallon! Wish you the best! :D 

  7. Felipe

    Happy birthday Vil! Wish only the best to you and your family! Thanks for being such a great person. :D 


    1. Vil


      Thanks so much @Felipe :) 

  8. Happy birthday Jaskra!!!!! Wish you only the best!!! :D 


    Wish the best in everything for your life! You're great, thanks for being such a good friend. :D 



  10. Felipe

    Overwatch Quick Play

    Woooo! Yea!
  11. giphy.gif 



    :D Thanks for being the amazing person you are Eli! :D 

    :D Happy birthday!!! All hapiness and success!!! :D 

    1. Elisel


      Aww thank you @Felipe  This is so great. And thank you for being awesome too :) 

  12. Felipe

    Overwatch Quick Play

    Woot! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to attend!
  13. Happy birthday @Cyth27!!! Wish you the best for all areas in your life! :D 

  14. I have a basic (?) knowledge of C and Java. I've done some project in the early semesters of my undergraduation with it, but programming was always kind of a scary place to me as I never felt that creative or a person that had quick thinking, so I built a wall around it and made the best I could to keep distance of it. But I've been looking to lose some irrational fears (or at least see if this is really not my thing). I plan to play a little with the automation of my bedroom. Simple things at first, really just a thing to get me engaged (And maybe add another language in my resume ). My friend suggested to use Python! I heard of it, but never used it.


    People who used/use/know somethina about Python, what do you suggest to newbie such as me? I think Arduino doesn't use Pyton, but maybe I can find a library to use Python with it. Or buy a PI?


    I looked into some websites but I don't know, some start talking about the history of programming....I just want some help to start it. lol 


    1. kiwiSpecial


      Hey Felipe! I use Udemy to learn new languages. The courses are quick, to the point, and only teach you what you want to know (Python in this instance). I linked a really popular one to you below, it's on sale for only $11, and it's permanent -- you'll always have access to it.




      Hope this helps :)

    2. Felipe


      Thanks kiwi! The prices are really good. (There's a promotion going too!) :D 

  15. Felipe

    Whatcha Watching?

    I started to watch Monster! SO's been telling to watch it since forever. I watched only one episode so far, but it was great. Recently I watched both Orange and Barakamon. Both really awesome and great! Barakamon actually turned out to be my favorite anime. It's so simple, warm and reflexive. I really really liked its atmosphere.

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