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    Puns, technology, games, puns, detectives books, Dragon Age, puns. Did I say puns?

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  1. @Koro !!! Happy birthday!!!
    Hope you have a great day! You're da best dude! "É NÓIS!"

  2. Happy birthday Darius!!!!! o7

    You're great! I really got into cyrodiil after those PITA runs of yours! :D  Thanks for everything you do for RoH! O7

  3. ZOD! Happy birthday! /salute

    Wish you the best! :D 

  4. I won't play today guys, sorry! We're having a contest in ESO! Sorry again, hope you guys have fun and don't starve!
  5. If you keep killing those SUPER STRONG CatCoons you'll forever be my hero! Uhhh! Nice!!! Thanks for the imput @Krafted!!!
  6. I'm free to play after 7PM EST!! Until WE STARV-Errrr better not set a high standard.
  7. Very grateful for the birthday wishes everyone! :) 

    I wish you all the best in life too! :D 

    1. Telana


      As much crap as I give you for not being an Altmer.... Happy to consider you a friend, @Felipe! Stay awesome and have an better year! 

    2. Felipe


      I can easily say the same @Telana. Thanks for being a great friend! I'm lucky to have found RoH and meet you and some other awesome people here. :) 

  8. Neo

    Related image

    Happy Birthday, @Felipe!

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday !

  12. Happy Birthday from...
















  13. 4deddd9d2f4a4bab067dd3805b4872cf70e9c35b


    Wishing you a very happy birthday, @Felipe!!!

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