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  1. Asylum Sanctorium +0 / +1 Saturday, November 23th at 2:00 PM EST The holidays are a busy time. With (predictably) several spots open and many of us traveling for this and that, we've decided to use this time before Thanksgiving to head back into Asylum Sanctorium +0 and/or +1 for giggles and shinnies. As stated previously, we plan to stay out of vHoF until we can consistently form a full raid roster from week to week, which we anticipate happening after the holidays season has settled down. The plan is still to take the weekend of Thanksgiving off, to allow everyone ample time with their loved ones. The current target date to head back into Halls of Fabrication is shortly after Thanksgiving. Let myself, @Telana, @PWiddy, or @orbitoclast know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Raid Roster: Tank: @orbitoclast Tank: OPEN Healer: @Telana Healer: @Elisel DPS: @Icy DPS: @PWiddy DPS: @Maezar DPS: @TMUMT DPS: OPEN DPS: OPEN DPS: OPEN DPS: OPEN PS: We have four DPS and one TANK spot available in the roster! If you would like to participate, but have not yet updated your availability on the spreadsheet, please do so and we'll get you added! First people who do will get the remaining spots. @Simralin @Felipe @-Glamazon- @Calypso589 @Cadensce @Adamant_Unicorn @Xilanxiv Requirements -Read this post and /sign the thread, indicating you agree to this event's guidelines- -Fill out the availability spreadsheet as per this post- Appropriate food/drink and potions Full sets of purple/gold gear (Two 5-piece + monster set or intentional partial sets) Raid Notifier and Team Formation add-ons For DPS: 25K DPS parse (pre-patch!) on a 3 mil dummy (available at @PWiddy's primary residence) 18K+ health with food/drink buff Take a screenshot of your dummy parse and get in touch with @PWiddy or @Arcadian For healers: CP 810 The Energy Orb morph of Necrotic Orb 18K+ health with food/drink buff At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Olorime, Sanctuary, Mending, IA, Worm Cult, Jorvuld, etc. For tanks: CP 810 At least one crusher enchanted weapon (preferably 2H, bow, staff in infused) At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Ebon, Alkosh, Torug's Pact, Plague Doctor, Yolnahkriin, etc. Also! If you are set as a support role, we may be reaching out to you in order to coordinate the sets the tanks and healers will be wearing for maximum effect If you have any questions about DPS requirements, contact @PWiddy or @Arcadian Questions about healing requirements should be directed to @Telana Reach out to @orbitoclast with any questions about tanking requirements LET'S GO MURDER AND PILLAGE!!!