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  1. I made a character on Aether/Jenova because my boy @Icy is there and I will follow him anywhereeeee... ...and everywhere.
  2. DEATH by DAYLIGHT A MESSAGE! Hi, folks! We're switching things up a little bit... we're going to be using a DISCORD SERVER to be managing sign-ups from now on to see if that might improve visibility. Some folks have said that they don't sign on to the forums very often and would prefer to use Discord for signups and notifications. AS SUCH... that's what we'll be doing. Voice comms will still be conducted using the official RoH server VOIP, but event logs, general strats, and other stuff specifically related to our events will go in the DBDL server. Here's the invite link: https://discord.gg/669WKEV Don't forget to hit the skull at the bottom of the welcome message to get full access to the server! SEE YOU IN THE HALLS...
  3. The four of you form a balanced group if @TMUMT tanks and @Simralin heals with @Cadensce and @Icy DPSing!
  4. DEATH by DAYLIGHT To Raid or Not to Raid? Saturday, December 28th at 2:00 PM EST Hi, Deathies, and Happy Holidays for those of you for whom it's a holiday! Given that we've been having trouble filling lately and the holiday business this week, I'm not super confident about our ability to fill this week. THAT SAID... I'd be down to run something if we can get enough folks together. If you're into running something during our event window this Saturday, post below! If we can get a raid together, we can take another run at the Halls... if not, maybe we can form some vBRP, vDSA, or challenger groups. WHAT SAY YOU?
  5. DEATH by DAYLIGHT Veteran Halls of Fabrication -OR- Veteran Asylum Sanctorium +1 Saturday, December 21st at 2:00 PM EST FIRST! Sorry for the late post, Deathites! SECOND! We are DOING AWAY with the spreadsheet signups. After deciding that they're perhaps more trouble than they're worth, we're switching back to people posting whether or not they can make it in this here thread... there won't be a separate post for this run. Keep in mind that it may not necessarily be first come, first served although, with turnout being what it has been... that will likely be the case. ALSO... if you run multiple roles, you may not be immediately slotted on the roster to take advantage of your much appreciated flexibility. We did an excellent job in the Halls last week, getting all the way to the Committee within the actual three-hour event... we even got in a couple of stabs at the group, getting two of them down to 69% (...nice). Should we end up back there this week, please take a moment to review the guides Telana and I put together for the Committee and for the Assembly General, the LAST BOSS of vHoF. That said, do we need a brief reprieve from the Halls? We were unable to decide, so we thought we'd see which robots people are up for slapping around this weekend... the fabricants in veteran Halls of Fabrication or the Saintbots of veteran Asylum Sanctorium +1? The results of the poll will be revealed as soon as there's a clear winner OR... that morning. Hooray, surprise robotocide! WHAT SAY YOU?! Are we headed to the Halls or the Asylum?! Tentative Roster Tank: @orbitoclast Tank: Healer: @Telana Healer: @Elisel DPS: @Arcadian DPS: @Icy DPS: @-Glamazon- DPS: @Simralin DPS: DPS: DPS: DPS: To be slotted: @TMUMT
  6. DEATH by DAYLIGHT Veteran Halls of Fabrication Saturday, December 14th at 2:00 PM EST After being completely foiled last session by Discord dropping a big ol' deuce right as we were getting started, we're heading back this weekend to remind a certain set of fabricants that their time in Tamriel is finite... well, at least till the trial's over and they re-spawn. BUT THEY DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT... or maybe it would be better if they did? Knowing that their death isn't permanent might lower the stakes enough for them to be lulled into complacency... hm. Loremaster @Icy!! Any thoughts on the existential crises and resultant existential malaise faced by our Fabricant foes and how they may be used to our advantage? kthx! Mind/circuitry games aside, we might be a little rusty since it's been a minute since we've really run the trial. Despite this, I'm confident we can build on our previous successes and, at the very least, smash the Pinnacle Factotum to bits. Requirements -Read this post and /sign the thread, indicating you agree to this event's guidelines- -Fill out the availability spreadsheet as per this post- Appropriate food/drink and potions Full sets of purple/gold gear (Two 5-piece + monster set or intentional partial sets) Raid Notifier and Team Formation add-ons For DPS: 25K DPS parse (pre-patch!) on a 3 mil dummy (available at @PWiddy's primary residence) 18K+ health with food/drink buff Take a screenshot of your dummy parse and get in touch with @PWiddy or @Arcadian For healers: CP 810 The Energy Orb morph of Necrotic Orb A purge ability or two 18K+ health with food/drink buff At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Olorime, Sanctuary, Mending, IA, Worm Cult, Jorvuld, etc. For tanks: CP 810 A purge ability At least one crusher enchanted weapon (preferably 2H, bow, staff in infused) At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Ebon, Alkosh, Torug's Pact, Plague Doctor, Yolnahkriin, etc. Also! If you sign up as a support role, we may be reaching out to you in order to coordinate the sets the tanks and healers will be wearing for maximum effect If you have any questions about DPS requirements, contact @PWiddy or @Arcadian Questions about healing requirements should be directed to @Telana Reach out to @orbitoclast with any questions about tanking requirements Roster will be posted on Wednesday Pray to the Discord gods, friends, WE'RE GOING IN.
  7. Discord... the Sadmaker. Thanks for coming out everyone, including @Rain Cloud! Disappointed that technical issues once again thwarted our raid attempt but, hey. What can you do? There will be a post up sometime in the near future about an attempt next week, so update your availability on the spreadsheet! YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST FOLKS.
  8. No worries! Just vote when you've got it all sorted out, @Elisel! I'm offended that you think that's a Canadianism, @TMUMT... definite Philly jawn there (and probably most of the NE/Mid-Atlantic).
  9. DEATH by DAYLIGHT REMNANTS! Come out to PLAYYYY... Hi, folks! [stops ominously clinking bottles together] I noticed there's some of you folks in our interest group who haven't yet read and signed the guidelines and/or included your info on the spreadsheet as per Telana's post. You should look into it and come join us! If you feel like you're not ready for the endgame content we've been running, you should still consider signing up as backup! While we try to keep rosters at least semi-consistent so it's mostly composed of folks who know the mechanics to keep everyone's lives easier, there's times we don't fill and we end up cancelling. Recently, we asked someone to run vAS with us who felt they weren't ready for it and we sailed through it twice... we didn't even wipe the second go-round! Every run is a learning experience for those involved, whether it's their first time or if they've breezed on through before. We have no problem explaining mechanics to those who need or want it and, as explained in the guidelines (and implied in the name of the event), deaths are to be expected. You're no longer going to be included in the main post tags so that you're not assailed by notifications for events you may not even be interested in. I'm tagging you folks here instead and you'll be added to the main group tag if you'd like to come and play. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (a tank!), @Telana (a healer!), @PWiddy (a DPS!) or @Arcadian (also a DPS!). In no particular order, although likely the order on the member list:
  10. DEATH by DAYLIGHT POLL TIME! Saturday, November 30th at 2:00 PM EST Hi, friends! While the US prepares to celebrate its Thanksgiving holiday next weekend, some of us are not! For those of us who don't celebrate, those of us who don't have family we're going to celebrate with, or perhaps even some of us who will just need a break from the festivities, I wanted to conduct a poll to see if people are interested in running an event anyway. If we can get a group of 12 together, cool! We can do a raid! If there's less, we can figure something else out. So, what say youse folks?
  11. BELOVED DEATHIES! Congratulations on the thorough stomping of Saint Llothis the Pious Dead, St. Felms the Bold DEADDDD, and Saint Olms the Just DEAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD last week! [wipes spittle from chin] Sorry, got a little excited there... anyway, special thank you to @jermz1804 for jumping in to fill a DPS role and telling us what's what and @Circe for letting us drag her into the Asylum against her will. Two successful runs, the second wayyyyy smoother than the first. Excellent job! (Logs for run one and run two!) There will be no official unofficial event this week as three of the leaders (myself, @Telana, and @Arcadian) will be out of town along with some other guildies (like @TMUMT!). Please fill out the spreadsheet with your availability anyway if you're interested in coordinating an event during the timeslot without us! Even if you can't get 12 folks together, vDSA and vBRP are challenges worthy of the DBDL moniker, along with countless vet dungeon achievements. We'll hopefully be able to get something together for next Saturday, the 22nd, before likely taking another week off for American Thanksgiving. If there's enough interest that weekend, I'd be more than happy to run something.
  12. Hi, folks! There's not going to be a Death by Daylight event this upcoming Saturday due to people being unavailable, so go out and enjoy some of this fall weather!
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