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  1. Happiest of happies! 


  2. Sometimes I'd start a TS sub-channel saying that I was fishing or ask in guild chat if anyone was interested. If not, I'd go by myself and just chat in the main channel or listen to music!
  3. On my fifth 12-hour night shift in a row... looking forward to actually playing some dang ESO over my next FOUR DAYS OFF. 

  4. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, fellow Remnants. You sure know how to make a guy feel special... NOW GET OFF MY LAWN, DARN WHIPPERSNAPPERS! [shakes cane] 

  5. Off work at 7am and then I've got two days off... It'll be nice to do to more than get home and do the daily writs and mount training before passing out!

Congratulations to Princess & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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