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    GW2, SWTOR, random crafts, drawing, reading, and playing other games like: Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, WOW (once every blue moon), and ESO

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    Senkaylas, Ryuu Adonis, Nimloth Celeborn, Dianthus Emara, Nesrin Saraph, Kage Sennen, Gavin Draco, Dreir, Klytieran,
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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D 

  2. Really like your style.  Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed playing with you tonight! 

  3. Happy Birthday, Big Pink, @Mevraz!! :D 

  4. GW2 Jumping Puzzles!

    Need achievements? Want to have fun? Join for Jumping Puzzles! I run the Jumping Puzzle event so everyone can get their JP achievies and have fun ^^ I show the paths that are taken for the JP and if help is needed or wanted I have my mesmer at the ready to supply portals Start time: 6pm EST
  5. GW2 Dungeons: Fungeons!

    Come join for Dungeons! Exploring the small group end game content! Learning Lore! Listening to story! Well... only if you actually want to ^^ but fun bosses and overall group content! Start time: 8pm EST
  6. GW2 Raid Night!

    Come join us for Raids! Where we are testing our mettle against some of the hardest group oriented combat of the game! As there are only 10 spots for a raid group we have sign-ups to decide attendance. @Jinn Galia posts sign-ups on Sunday evenings for the Thursday Raid group! Sign-ups posted -->here<-- (click it, click it! ) Start time: 8:30pm EST please be around for invites around 8:15-8:30pm EST that way the group can start on time and everyone gets the most time to raid
  7. GW2 Guild Missions!

    Come join us on Wednesdays at 8:30pm EST for Guild Missions! Good and easy loot, fun group content, and fun times with guildies! It will be a blast!
  8. GW2 Fracteronies!

    Come join for Fractals in another dimension!! The Fractals of the Mists!! Start time: 9pm EST with @BlixBlix We do T1 & T2 fractals together unless everyone interested on that day have the AR required for higher tiers and want to do those. If you need any agony infusions to increase your own AR, we do have a collection of (+1 agony infusions), that can be upgraded to higher ones, in the Guild bank, just let one of the Officers know and we can grab some for you ^^

    Come and join us for a full meta event run! Fun for all, and don't forget the loot! Requirements: Level 80 Character, Must have Heart of Thorns, or PoF We are doing a rotation that goes, HoT META --> PoF META (which = bounties) Here is a schedule for the times and rotations of the METAs, -->here<-- Bouties and Silverwastes META will start at 7pm EST, while HoT METAs will start at 8-8:30pm EST, depending on the meta. Come join us for fun things on Monday META Nites!!!
  10. Happy Birthday! :D 

    1. Silver


      Thank you Kage :D

  11. Happy Birthday @Penarddun!! :D 

    1. Penarddun


      Thanks Kage! :D:sparklingheart:

  12. Happy Birthday!! :D one year older now x3

  13. I'm two days late, however! x3

    Happy Birthday, Kialya!!! :D 

    1. Kialya


      lol... thanks

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