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  1. until

    *shakes fist in air* NOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. until

    Can bring ranged/melee DPS or Sorc Heals
  3. until

    Sorc Heals/Mara DPS
  4. Revanite

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops

    SMOPs announcements/details will be posted weekly in the PvE Scheduling Subforum (SWTOR>Republic Barracks (PvE)>PvE Event Scheduling) For the moment, the plan is to do the Group Finder Op-of-the-Day every Saturday! Here's a link to the schedule I use to determine the SMOPS Op: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=tvq31shg0hqrogoc1od831tqik@group.calendar.google.com Sign up by comment on the weekly post in the Scheduling Subforum (not here)! -Revanite
  5. until

    melee DPS
  6. until

    I'll be bringing my marauder if there's spots left

Congratulations to Krafted, Azilori, Achilles & Ezoura on being chosen Members of the Month for March for their primary divisions!

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