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  1. Hello! Welcome to the forums! I'm Icy one of the ESO Recruitment Assistants, let me know if you have any questions during your time with us!
  2. Hey y'all, since there have been quite a few new people to this game I thought I'd share a video explaining how the HUD editor works, for me the ability to do this is amazing and really enhances my experience! Also in general this channel has a lot of great content regarding FFXIV and the FFXIV community!
  3. Not going to miss a chance to show off my character lol I'm also #TeamMiqo
  4. YES MORE FFXIV PLZ! Hi friends! I'm a recent refugee to Aether on the Jenova server but I do have an alt on Maetus that I might play more after 5.3 to see what they changed in the 2.X stuff. Jenova: Niri Nirith (my main) Maetus: Ruiko Yonagi (basically a new toon) Once 5.3 is live I'll probably be back to maining FFXIV but I'm also trying to play all the division games too.
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  15. I was thinking we could try to balance between events for people newer to the game and those of us who have a fair bit of progress in the game maybe just adjust what we do depending on who shows up that day lol, I guess that means we should figure out a day and time to try for this then, the only days that are hard for me are Monday, Friday, and Saturday evenings but any other time is do-able for me, how about y'all?