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  1. Happy Birthday @Armaros!  Hope you have a great day. :)


    happy birthday GIF

  2. If we have the room, I think I already have most of these crafting stations at my house. I don't mind moving them to the kin house.
  3. I feel like a terrible person (and wife) but when we first talked about things, I totally forgot about my hubby's birthday being on the 2nd. I can definitely try my best to make it that day, really depends on what he wants to do for his birthday.
  4. Any of those days should be fine with enough notice Our weekends are usually unpredictable if not planned out.
  5. I'd be good with any day but the 29th, though I could possibly convince Darnavian to lead that event for me if that date works best for everyone.
  6. Happy Birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world! ❤️


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  7. You totally should! Not only are hobbits fun to play, the Shire is beautiful
  8. Best way to play any MMO, in my opinion! Once you get to the end of most games, it's just mindless grinding, and I'm always so jealous of people experiencing the content for the first time.
  9. Awesome @Koro! I already had a lvl 20 captain so I'm debating on bringing her along for the ride, although I have a lvl 1 burglar I made awhile back that I could always level up as well! I look forward to playing with ya'll!
  10. Most definitely! I’ve spent countless hours grinding low level mobs for deeds I actually had fun doing it. Blast some music and you kind of find a pattern of mobs spawning.
  11. We do have an unofficial Remnants of Hope kinship on the Landroval server There are several of us listed as officers that can invite (I think Koro might have mentioned in a post somewhere on here), so just reach out to us and if we're able we can get you an invite! Edit: Found it!
  12. I would totally be up for this! I've been poking @Darnavian to go back and level up the baby characters we started together months ago. Count me in. I've been sad that I haven't kept up with content past Mordor, and have been feeling the itch every now and then to play. Only major night that would be a problem for me is Wednesdays, as I lead an event that night. Other than that, I can definitely try to make a time/day that works for everyone else at least one night a month.
  13. That would be a great movie to be remade into a live-action movie! I've always loved the story and would love to see it like that. It's nice that you have those memories about your dad! I know as a parent now myself, I think some of the movies mean even more to me because you want to make sure your kids grow up with all that love and hope in their hearts. Hmm, there are so many great movies coming out this year! Of those not made yet or that we know of, I think I'd like to see a movie that they announced but then canceled. It was a movie set in Spain called 'Gigantic' that was a take on the Jack and the Beanstalk story. But the giant was an 11 year old girl that treated Jack like a living doll. It sounded interesting but unfortunately it was scrapped. I was bummed because I was kind of looking forward to at least seeing what it would be like. Maybe one day they'll bring it back.

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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