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  1. Daizey

    [ESO-PvP] Cyrodiil Explorations @ 9pm EST

    Cyrodiil Explorations!! When: Saturdays @9pm EST Where: Sotha Sil 30-day non-champ campaign (or Shor depending on level of population) Requisites: lvl 10+ and Ebonheart Pact Ready for a different side of PvP? Cyrodiil Explorations is a series of events throughout the month that are both casual and fun! Events may include a “Back to the Basics” overview of fighting in Cyrodiil, fishing in the PvP zone, or taking over strongholds just for the armor you can buy at the vendors. This will also be an event that may venture out to discover those long-coveted skyshards, delves, and dolmens in Cyrodiil! Must have an Ebonheart Pact character lvl 10+ to participate. Come join in the fun!
  2. Happy birthday to an amazing dude! :)   Hope you have a great day!


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  3. I can be there whenever is good for everyone! Preferably between 8-11pm EST if on a weeknight.
  4. Daizey

    [ESO-PvP] Cyrodiil Siege Basics

    Mission: Basic Training When: Saturday, December 8th, 9pm EST/6pm PST Where: Lowest population server, likely 7 day Shorn server Requisites: At least lvl 10, Charcter in Ebonheart Pact, TeamSpeak As part of our Cyrodiil Explorations series, we will be featuring Basic Training. This will include: Orientation to the features of Cyrodiil, including Siege Merchants, special items, and The Golden. Discussion of and time for installation/customization of Add Ons useful for PvP Practice in use of setting up and utilizing Siege Equipment Coaching in Call Outs, terminology, and other tactical advice Attempt to take a low risk outpost utilizing our new skills and most importantly Slow, laid back pace to accommodate your questions and help you get a solid footing in Cyrodiil! We will be playing on the lowest population server available to us at the time. Our main campaign continues to be Sotha Sil, but we may have to guest to Shorn to accommodate our pace. Hope to see you there!
  5. Daizey

    Cyrodiil Celebration Event

    Cyrodiil Celebration Event! To celebrate my new reign as General, we'll be having a fun event in Cyrodiil this Saturday, November 24th starting at 9pm EST and lasting until 11pm EST. What will this event contain, you ask? Well, anything you guys want! I'm all about going with the flow, and having a good time, so we will do whatever your hearts desire. You want to join the zerg taking keeps? We'll do it. Want to discover skyshards and delves clear across the map? We'll do it. Care for a bit of fishing in foul waters? You get the picture. The theme for the night is fun, in whatever way we feel like it in Cyrodiil (or even the sewers if that's what you want to do!) Must be level 10+ with an Ebonheart Pact character to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  6. Your Character Name: Daizey Purrska How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? Brand new! Looking forward to exploring a new world. And I've always been a FF fan! Favorite thing to do in game? So far questing and seeing what cute new set of armor I can get. Gotta be fashionable, right? Greatest accomplishment in game? Not really far into it yet...I'm lvl 12, but I'd say my biggest accomplishment was jumping in! . How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? Since end of March 2018. Have you ever been in a leadership or assistant position? I've been a recruitment assistant, and Division Commander, both in ESO. Have you ever run for any offices in RoH? Yes. Have you any projects that you worked on in RoH? Came up with a weekly newsletter for ESO Division while DC, and even though I don't expect anyone following me to continue it, it was something I was very proud of. I was also on the Event Activity Committee for the recent RoH Cancer Awareness Fundraiser.
  7. Daizey

    Returning to FFXIV

    I will probably be starting fresh myself! Never played before, but always wanted to. I'll have to wait until Friday to buy the game, but I'll be poking around on the trial version until then.
  8. Lol, so far it’s just me and Florna and I think Kyn has made a character. You’ll still have people on Landroval! Though nobody was ever on when I was.
  9. They'll be releasing updates every 4 months, so lvl 50 will still be cap for awhile! To play on the server, you have to either have paid for lifetime membership or be a VIP (monthly subscriber) so if you're on the server you'd already have access to the updates that aren't specifically expansions. Being a subscriber gives you all quest packs.
  10. Hey all! This is just to let you know I've gone ahead and created a RoH kinship on the Anor Legendary server. Now that I'm no longer the ESO DC, I'll have more time to play (perfect timing, eh?), so if you're interested let me know and I'll get you invited! So far it's been really nice having everyone starting new, and there are even brand new players that are taking advantage of everyone starting fresh to join. And because it's only for people that have Lifetime membership or are subbing, people so far have seemed pretty mature.
  11. Happy Birthday @Jae Onasi! Hope it's a great day! :)


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  12. Happy happy birthday! :D


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  13. Basically, yeah - but unlike a vanilla server, updates and features done after the game was launched will still be a part of the legendary server.
  14. While I never thought this would ever happen, they are actually doing it. Available to VIP and Lifetime Members, this November they are opening Legendary Servers. What does this mean? Server where level cap is 50 and focuses on progression of story to Angmar No legendary weapons until Moria is brought to the server New content will be given every 4 months, unlocking new areas a little bit at a time This means the game can now be enjoyed as it was played at the beginning. Crafted gear and weapons, Lvl 50 dungeons (which there was a TON of Lvl 50 stuff back in the day), and a chance for those who reminisce about the "old days" be able to find groups for their favorite classic dungeons, and an excuse to uncover the story in a slow and steady manner - instead of a race to Mordor. I'm very interested in this, as my most memorable times in LOTRO were with Shadows of Angmar and Moria. I may have to actually make a new character on this legendary server... You can find more details below: https://www.lotro.com/en/legendary?fbclid=IwAR35CBF31iQY-AR8-oYYUvO7oUl8Iup5Y8HlbsqGLEtGVXFP_8BYyjmJrBs

Congratulations to Marjevante, Icarus & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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