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  1. Happy Birthday Bents!  Hope it's a great one 😄



  2. Happy Birthday @Qhue!  Hope you are well :) 

    1. Qhue


      All is well in Qhue land. I check in every once in a while to see how things are going. Thanks for the birthday wishes! As Tennessee Ernie Ford said  Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt  heheh

  3. A bit behind because of course I am but Happy Belated birthday!! 


  4. Happy belated!! Hope you guys are doing well!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Icy!  Hope you have a great day :) 


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  6. Happy Birthday!! :)  I hope it's a great one!


    happy birthday GIF

  7. I know I keep saying I want to get back into LOTRO and play with you guys - I really do want to! I've allowed myself a more relaxed gaming schedule right now, so I think I'd be able to participate.
  8. No I honestly didn’t spend too much time on that server. I was hoping it’d be a long slow grind, but of course people rushed to end game and THEN I found out it was for mostly progressive raiders. The appeal was lost for me unfortunately. I can archive or move this post somewhere
  9. Daizey

    ESO Division Meeting (Party)

    What's that? Could it be?! It's A DIVISION MEETING!!! Come have fun and catch up on happenings within the division! When: Thursday, May 28th @ 8:30PM EST Where: Daizey's House! (I'll set up chairs and everything!) What: Division Meeting When I first joined RoH in April of 2018, Division meetings were a regular thing that happened once a month - kind of like a community meeting but more focused on ESO and what was coming up for us specifically. So come have fun, catch up on division news, and bring any suggestions/comments/concerns to discuss with the rest of us. In the future maybe we'll think up some fun events to do on these nights as well! I look forward to this term as DC for you guys, and I want to get this party started with a division celebration! Come join us!
  10. Happy Birthday @witchbolts!!  Hope you have an amazing day - you deserve it! ❤️ 


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  11. Happy birthday @Lagerfueled! :)  I hope you have a great one this year

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