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  1. I've recently signed up for the online stuff for my switch, and downloaded Animal Crossing...so I guess it's time to put my friend code out here. SW-0890-3225-1622 I also have Pokemon Sword, Mario Kart, and Mario Party
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    Happy Birthday @Odiee!  Hope it's a great one for you :) 

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    Miss you Shellflare!  Hope you're doing well. :) 

  4. Happy birthday Monkstar!  Hope you have an awesome day, and hope to see you around soon ❤️


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  5. I hope to be in-game more as well. Life is finally calming down a bit with recent lifestyle changes, and I've been itching to come back to Middle Earth! My favorite festivals are coming up as well (fall festival and winter festival)
  6. I was actually thinking about this the other day! My time in ESO has been less and less, and now that I've stepped down from a leadership role, I have more time that I can devote to other things. With the announcement of a new expansion, the siren-song of LOTRO has been calling me back yet again. I can't guarantee any regular activity on nightly basis, but I would definitely like to entertain the idea of finding more like-minded people to play LOTRO with!
  7. Daizey

    Happy Birthday Nyx! ❤️  Hope you have a fantabulous day :D

  8. Yeah, Annuminas (the big group content area in Evendim) is actually more suited for lvls 40-45, if I remember correctly. Really fun area though! I'll definitely be looking forward to joining up with you guys. I have a lvl 30 hobbit guardian I could use, or I may level up one of my lower level ones. Let me know when and where, and I'll try my hardest to be there!
  9. Depending on when, I'd love to come along! This summer I've been super busy, and haven't even logged on a lot in ESO as it is. But I'd definitely see if I can come when a day/time is decided on for a meet up in LOTRO
  10. Thanks @orbitoclast for those times that you've reached out when I've needed someone to talk to.  I appreciate all you've done for this community, and for being a true friend when I needed one. ❤️ 



  11. Daizey

    Necro Fashion Contest

    Necros are among us... Do you have an outfit that just screams "playing with the undead"? With the release of Elsweyr, we are now able to witness the power of the Necromancer. Skeletons are animated, flesh golems are squashing enemies left and right - and everyone's outfits have gone...a little darker. So this month, why not take advantage of this overall feeling of channeling your inner necro and have an outfit contest? Starting this month, we will be running these contests monthly if possible - announcing the contest at the beginning of the month and allowing you guys a full month of planning and motif matching. Requirements: Must use motifs - no full costumes that are already necro-themed. We want you guys to get creative! That's really all that's required! Using a costume hat, adornment or body marking is fine, just no full on necro-robe of any type. We will have a fashion show at my Psijic Manor which will be judged on Saturday, July 30th @ 8pm EST before Saturday's Dungeon Mayhem. Prizes: 1st place - Choice of any costume in the Crown Store (up to 1k crowns in value) 2nd place - Peryite Skeevemaster costume 3rd place - Grisly Mummy Tabby non-combat pet All other participants will be rewarded 10k gold just for participating! We appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into these outfits, and we want to show how much we admire your creativity!
  12. Happy Birthday @Pinkatron2000!!  I hope you're doing well, and that you have a fabulous birthday. :)



    1. Pinkatron2000


      Thank you so much! I am, and I did! I got a new job that's SEO and work from home! 

  13. Would love to help with housing and fashion, will have to work out something with my work schedule., so I guess I am volunteering.  

    1. Daizey


      Awesome!  I'll reach out to you through PM and we can chat when you're available :)

  14. Daizey

    Happy Birthday to the wonderful and amazing @Icy! :)  Hope you have a really great day ❤️


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