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  1. I just bought Shadowkeep. Made a Titan, since I didn't have one yet. Steam username is Lagerfueled.
  2. Not currently playing anything, but also not sure I want to get sucked back into an MMO. I do need to play through and see all the stuff I missed one day though. If you want to do this I might be able to log on more often, but no promises as I am mostly playing semi online games like Destiny and Path of Exile lately.
  3. I am actually making a comeback to D2 on PC. I am going to get Shadowbringers and pre-load it this weekend, then just need to pick up Forsaken when it comes available on Steam. I am debating if I jump immediately back in with my Hunter I played during Curse of Osiris, or start a new character. I will likely start a new character to get the feel for things again, but I had so much fun stuff on my hunter. Not sure if I should stick Hunter or go Warlock or Titan.
  4. Thanks for the post! Classic WoW has been consuming my life lately, but I will make sure I get logged in for this offer!
  5. Happy birthday to my amazingly awesome friend. I hope you have a great day bud!

    1. Tyrtaeus


      Happy birthday @Shant! We're the 3 best friend that could found a division anyone could have ;) 

  6. I would, but t don't want to play on a pvp server. I like to pvp, but only on when I am in the mood. That is why I chose a West Coast PVE Server
  7. I am having a very similar experience with my Undead Warlock. I played Alliance in vanilla, and didnt switch over to Horde until mid Burning Crusade. It is neat seeing some of the story that I missed out on in Vanilla, since when I did level Horde I just rushed to level cap to pvp.
  8. I am on Old Blanchy. West Coast PVE Server. If any West Coasters want to play, let me know. In game name is Rhaziel, Undead Warlock.
  9. I played on PC, but my laptop is barely able to handle the game unfortunately.
  10. Playing pugilist at the moment, Considering switching to Conjurer since I like healing and the queues are instant. Heard White mage isn't skill heavy either. Pugilist is fun for now, but I see the amount of skills and positionals and it scares me for the future. I also have limited play time so DPS queues scare me at end game.
  11. I'd like to do end game, but I have no interest in savage raids etc.
  12. I think the main thing that scares me away from fully comitting to this game is seeing that most classes require like 15-45 skills at end game. I hate having to micro manage that many skills, much preferring have a small hotbar to manage. I just dont feel like that much commitment to remembering where each skill sits is in me.
  13. I won't be on til later this evening. I will check and see if you are online when I get on.
  14. I switched from Black Mage to Pugilist, loving how the class plays so far. I still plan on switching to Red Mage once I hit 50 though as it is my all time favorite FF class. I am on Malboro server under the name Mercius Moengarde if someone wants to send me a FC invite. I will download discord tonight as well.
  15. I just created my character tonight, then logged on here and saw this lol. I am leveling as Black Mage in the hopes of going Red Mage once I get to level 50.

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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