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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Lager!  Hope you and your fam are doing well :)  I think of you often as I log into ESO to play with RoH.  Thank you for all that work back 5 years ago to help make us a division.

  3. Happy Birthday Lager!

  4. LAGER!!! I'm so sorry I missed it but happy birthday, dude!!

  5. Congratulations on another trip around the sun!

  6. Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a fantastic day!

  7. It works amazingly for maps and bosses... Heists...I get insta gibbed at the doors so far. I need to work flame dash in somehow...will need to price unset rings, unfortunately to keep my stats I will need to spend 1-2 ex at least per ring.
  8. I am running Soulwrest Phantasms. Using Cyclone with cast on channeling to use desecrate and flesh offering to spawn and consume corpses. The devouring diadem to heal me and also consume corpses. I have twenty little ghosts, an animate guardian, 3 buffing spectres, and a golem. The build converts 75% of my damage to cold. It is super strong especially against bosses.
  9. Happy birthday @Lagerfueled! :)  I hope you have a great one this year

  10. Happy Birthday!! @Lagerfueled we'll have to play something together when my busy dies down, do something fun for your birthday friend o/

  11. Happy Birthday, @Lagerfueled!!  I hope you have a great day!

  12. I really enjoyed it. I got around 20 challenges and got burned out. I love the new Atlas system, but wish it was explained better. Elder Scrolls Online and Horizon:Zero Dawn drew me away for now, but I will likely come back in the last month and burn out the last 4 challenges I need for the 24 challenge MTX.
  13. I will be playing again, as always. I didn't really go tryhard on this last league, still got 15 challenges though. I am kind of hoping my build doesn't get nerfed for metamorph, but have a feeling it will be toast since it involves minions.
  14. I just bought Shadowkeep. Made a Titan, since I didn't have one yet. Steam username is Lagerfueled.
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