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    Schala Shadowsong, Krugg Cogsprocket, Mercius Moengard, Rowan Ravensong, Serenity Stillwater

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  1. Happiest of Born Days to you my dear!

    1. SirenRae


      Thank you so much, Lager my friend! :D

  2. Post Your Guardian.

    Congrats! Now time for the grind to the soft cap at 265!
  3. Post Your Guardian.

    Not sure who still plays. @Blademartial and myself joined a Clan called Night Raiders that is really good. I think we were the only two actively playing.
  4. Not a bad night...

    Go figure, no upgrades in any of these....
  5. Post Your Guardian.

    I am basically waiting on weekly reset so I can run the non group stuff that gives powerful gear for upgrades now. My schedule is super erratic and lots of times people arent on when I am. Last week I was sick for 3 days and wife took the kids to her mothers so I had all the time in the world to play, but I am back to 1-2 hours late in the evening again.
  6. Post Your Guardian.

    Looking awesome. I had those same guns until last night, switched the energy weapon out for a different one. How difficult was the Nightfall. I really need to do it, but doubt I will get it done soon.
  7. Post Your Guardian.

    I have hit the 267 soft cap so hard, but at least I look good doing it.
  8. Nightfall Strike Run

    Nevermind just hit the magic number...
  9. Nightfall Strike Run

    I am close. I think I am like 225
  10. Nightfall Strike Run

    We need what, 230 power level?
  11. Post Your Guardian.

    See I was thinking how cool yours looked.

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