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  1. With the recent buffs to Burglars (finally only took 8 years) I am heavily considering rolling and leveling a Burglar on the legendary server, but not sure I will bother if no one is playing.
  2. Various spoiler free images from my time spent exploring DC in The Division 2.
  3. I have the dog tags too...one of my favorite cosmetics so far.
  4. My laptop is still barely able to play the game for some reason, after running more or less fine in the beta. I will likely be playing The Division 1 and other games until I get my new PC sometime in the next month or two, unless UBISoft manages to patch whatever is causing my sudden issues.
  5. Can you send invites to people or do we need to request access?
  6. I would say use ROH or change is to a non-ROH name option if there is one you like? I will be on later tonight to get an invite.
  7. I am currently completely enthralled with Division 2...If I get bored eventually I may be back, but I wasn't crazy about Synthesis as a mechanic, so I might skip this league.
  8. You can certainly start one if you want. If not, I am happy to do it.
  9. Yeah I am hoping my fire trap build doesn't get nerfed into the ground.
  10. I am running my own self made build as a Fire Trap/Mind of Matter Saboteur this time. Pretty cheap and efficient league starter to get into red maps quickly and easily and farm currency for my boss killer. Anyone else planning on playing?
  11. I hit 24 and was burned out. I am enjoying some ESO at the moment. Will likely start playing POE again a few days a week once I get over the burnout. I still want to kill Shaper. Pushing the last two challenges I needed for 24 really burned me out though.
  12. I just uploaded a lot of images. Elder Guardians, Yellow Elder, Normal Atziri and a bunch of Breach Lords down on my own personal build. It works pretty damn well. Once I have ironed it all out I will post it here on the forums.
  13. I did my homework. I was going to run a Molten Strike Tank build, but I had so much defense I ended up going dual wield for the extra molten strike balls and attack speed. So far it has been one of the smoothest leveling and early mapping experiences I have ever had. The tree is one of my own making, although I borrowed heavily from a few other popular builds.

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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