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  1. Lagerfueled

    24 Challenges

    I hit 24 and was burned out. I am enjoying some ESO at the moment. Will likely start playing POE again a few days a week once I get over the burnout. I still want to kill Shaper. Pushing the last two challenges I needed for 24 really burned me out though.
  2. I just uploaded a lot of images. Elder Guardians, Yellow Elder, Normal Atziri and a bunch of Breach Lords down on my own personal build. It works pretty damn well. Once I have ironed it all out I will post it here on the forums.
  3. I did my homework. I was going to run a Molten Strike Tank build, but I had so much defense I ended up going dual wield for the extra molten strike balls and attack speed. So far it has been one of the smoothest leveling and early mapping experiences I have ever had. The tree is one of my own making, although I borrowed heavily from a few other popular builds.
  4. Brands are stong, but im not a fan of the playstyle. I am actually going to try and make my own variation of a Juggernaut Molten Strike Tank and see how it goes. If it goes Pear Shaped I can always re-spec it into one of the established ones. I have never made my own build before so I am kind of excited.
  5. I really want to take out Shaper. None of the builds I have run have been able to do it though. I need a good boss killer, bonus points for easy to play, few button presses, and good mapping ability as well.
  6. Lagerfueled

    Guild Stash Usage?

    I am dumping leveling uniques in there as I find them. Feel free to use them, just replace them once you outgrow them so someone else can enjoy them.
  7. what is your usernname Brotato chip? I will get you an invite. List your username and character name here.
  8. Titan Quest might be my favorite game of all time just below Path of Exile. The resemblance is there for sure. Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor to Titan Quest though.
  9. Lagerfueled

    [POLL] What Content Do You Prefer

    Not playing until likely well into the new year. I want to get into dungeons and raiding eventually though....one day.
  10. I am going to be running a Lightning Trap/Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur.
  11. I actually really enjoy the vibe on Ithil. People are incredibly friendly, and lots of grouping and general camaraderie going on at all times.
  12. I am on Ithil. Once the hubbub and queues die down I will transfer over.
  13. That "Should" be enough for now, if you have access to all the Angmar content and Moria. Currently you need to subscribe to play on the legendary server and you need all content through Mines of Moria. The level cap is 50 for at least 4 months, and any content past and including Moria is cut off. Basically we have all content open UP TO Moria. I am on the Ithil server currently and my character name is Mercius if you decide to hop on let me know.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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