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  1. I am going to be running a Lightning Trap/Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur.
  2. I actually really enjoy the vibe on Ithil. People are incredibly friendly, and lots of grouping and general camaraderie going on at all times.
  3. I am on Ithil. Once the hubbub and queues die down I will transfer over.
  4. That "Should" be enough for now, if you have access to all the Angmar content and Moria. Currently you need to subscribe to play on the legendary server and you need all content through Mines of Moria. The level cap is 50 for at least 4 months, and any content past and including Moria is cut off. Basically we have all content open UP TO Moria. I am on the Ithil server currently and my character name is Mercius if you decide to hop on let me know.
  5. It looks like my old guild will be getting back together for this, so I am sure I could get anyone who wants to join in. I am pretty sure I will be running a Runekeeper, just need to decide on Dwarf or Elf.
  6. Looks like the Legendary Server is launching Thursday. Will I be seeing any of you fellow LOTRO enthusiasts online? If so maybe we should start a kinship or all join one together? I am really excited about this honestly.
  7. I will be playing 100 percent.
  8. Your time served with the guild should have no bearing on the proposal, as long as you are shown to be passionate about this project succeeding, which you have always shown. As long as you put together a good proposal and have a strong backing of officers the EC and HE will not hold your short time as a member of the community against you in any way (or they shouldn't). As far as the proposal goes, I would approach it from this being a re-incarnation of the ROH community for FF14 much in the same way the first iteration of FF14 was scrapped and then rebuilt into something better. You will of course want to explain what content is available and how each department will address said content for the membership. It will be your standard proposal, but by all means acknowledge the previous Division, and show how this time it will be different.
  9. As of today, purchasing Forsaken gets you the previous DLC packs as well for one price. Been putting off picking this game back up even though I heard it was amazing now with the new expac. I might just have to get it come pay day now.
  10. Lagerfueled

    Company Meeting !

    I had this problem and it was due to my credit card mailing address being different than my home address. Once I put in the actual billing address instead it went through, not sure if that helps at all.
  11. Lagerfueled

    Company Meeting !

    I won't be able to make Friday. Sunday is also not likely but I can try my best.
  12. Lagerfueled

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    @Zhaydin @Kyn @Julius is anyone on who can get an invite out?

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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