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  1. I played on PC, but my laptop is barely able to handle the game unfortunately.
  2. Playing pugilist at the moment, Considering switching to Conjurer since I like healing and the queues are instant. Heard White mage isn't skill heavy either. Pugilist is fun for now, but I see the amount of skills and positionals and it scares me for the future. I also have limited play time so DPS queues scare me at end game.
  3. I'd like to do end game, but I have no interest in savage raids etc.
  4. I think the main thing that scares me away from fully comitting to this game is seeing that most classes require like 15-45 skills at end game. I hate having to micro manage that many skills, much preferring have a small hotbar to manage. I just dont feel like that much commitment to remembering where each skill sits is in me.
  5. I won't be on til later this evening. I will check and see if you are online when I get on.
  6. I switched from Black Mage to Pugilist, loving how the class plays so far. I still plan on switching to Red Mage once I hit 50 though as it is my all time favorite FF class. I am on Malboro server under the name Mercius Moengarde if someone wants to send me a FC invite. I will download discord tonight as well.
  7. I just created my character tonight, then logged on here and saw this lol. I am leveling as Black Mage in the hopes of going Red Mage once I get to level 50.
  8. Thanks for the replies all. I was wanting to either go Helaer or Tank since I love playing support, but tanking freaks me out. I suffer from Tankxiety lol. I have healed in most other MMOs and always add dps when not healing so doubt that it will seem different or weird to me compared to other games.
  9. Howdy all. I am probably going to renew my subscription this weekend, or early next week. I am considering playing White Mage, as I enjoy healing in other MMOs. How is healing in FF14. I keep seeing people say it is really stressful on Reddit, but I don't feel like it can be much more stressful than healing in WoW. Any input on healing in FF14, specifically as a white mage?
  10. Yeah I will be starting at the beginning. I know I will enjoy the story, but just feel like I am missing out taking so long to get through it all.
  11. I am really close to pulling the trigger. Only thing keeping me from doing so is the amount of time it will take me to get through the storyline quests.
  12. Yeah I havea thief I plan on going Ninja on until I can take Samurai. I will likely give the game another chance once I get back from vacation. However, I don't think I am on the same server as you all, so will likely need a transfer somewhere down the road.
  13. I need a new MMO and played a bit of FF14 earlier this year and enjoyed it, but never got past level 30. I am wary about going back to WoW or ESO at this point, just wondering how the game is doing since the expac. My only worry about starting is the cost and being so far behind and trying to catch up.
  14. just post your username/character names here and I will invite.
  15. We do have a guild, but it is pretty much only me that I have seen logged in recently. Not sure if I just need to get people invited or people left over time. I know some people moved on to different guilds.

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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