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  1. until

    I'd like to rDPS for this Op, if that's alright.
  2. until

    This week, if it's ok, I think I'm going to try...
  3. Cool! Well, not cool that there is no one really playing right now, but cool that I got a reply... I was starting to worry The character I am currently playing is Roedyn, and I am on most days and evenings right now, so hopefully you will see me and get me invited relatively soon (getting a bit tired of blind kinship invites).
  4. Just wondering if the RoH LOTRO kinship is still active. I played for a while when it first came out (Lifetime member, actually), and have been feeling a bit nostalgic for it. I am downloading it now, and hope to be on tomorrow or Wednesday. I have no idea what server my old characters are on, or even if that server still exists. I will be starting a new character on Landroval, just to remind myself how to play. Hopefully, there will be someone on occasionally to talk with
  5. until

    rDPS! (I know, big surprise...)
  6. until

  7. Roedynn

    [PVE-Pub] Datacron Hunt


    I'm in!
  8. until

    I'm confused... If this is on Vendredi 2 Juillet, I will rDPS! If it's Samedi 3 Juillet, I'm not sure... So confused...
  9. until

  10. until

    rDPS as usual
  11. Roedynn

    Galactic Season Morning Club

    I'm actually available this week! I'm in!
  12. Roedynn

    [OPS-IMP] SM Dxun run


    Have never been on this op, but I'd like to go if there is a spot available, rDPS.
  13. until

    Need to bow out due to a scheduling conflict, sorry!
  14. until

    rDPS here
  15. Roedynn

    [PVE-Pub] Morning Smops Ravagers


    @Dochabi Sorry, but something came up for tomorrow and I won't be able to make it to this Op.
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