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  1. Found this interview with Brandon Sanderson ... https://www.cbsnews.com/video/author-brandon-sanderson-on-kickstarter-campaign-new-books/
  2. Loved the Blood and Peacekeeper Series by Tanya Huff. Everyone has read Charlene Harris. lol Another Series that I loved is the Kurtherian Gambit series by Michael Anderle. it has alot of spin-offs that still connect to the original chars/series. But these days I seem to be more into the Apocalyptic genre. Kyla Stone - The Edge of Collapse series Grace Hamilton - the EMP Lodge series D. Stalter - Allison's Secret series And all of these are free to read with the Amazon Kindle Unlimited.
  3. so I dove off the deep end ... and into my Books folder on the external. loaded them all into Calibre and let it do its thing. total count is 8171 individual books now this isnt completely accurate, as some names are First ,Last and some are Last,First. gonna have to take a few days and sort this mess out.
  4. Emryl Raine

    Emryl Raine

    I recently bought a camera and am still learning photography. Here are some of my favorite pics
  5. I am definitely a book nerd. current e-book count is around 3000. I know I'll never read all of them, but I like having a HUGE collection to select from. My current interests run to Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Fantasy, Horror, Apocalyptic, Murder. I avoid romance (for the sake of romance) & chick-flick kinda books. My favorite series ( as I rarely read anything without at least 3 books) ((* books in the series) 1. Anita Blake -Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton *28 ( #29 just went to printing) 2. Honor Harrington by David Webber *14 3. In Death by J.D. Robb *51 4. Merry Gentry by Laurell K Hamilton *10 5. Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs *12 6. Hollow's Series ( Rachel Morgan) by Kim Harrison *15
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