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Are you ready maggots? This is Boot Camp.


After recent performances on the field, Drill Sergeant Sledgehammer has determined performance to be inadequate; however, he has a plan. The enemy you must face will not be merciful and neither will he; although, after a few grueling hours under his regiments, he might just make a soldier out of you yet. 


Sledgehammer's Boot Camp is dedicated to teach others basic tips and tricks on effective PvP with a dash of RP thrown in.

Activities will likely include everything from duels to obstacle courses. 

Do note that this is tangentially tied into the current server RPPvP Campaign, the Raven's War; although, it is not currently canonically related to the main story.



Mt. Neverest at Kun-Lai Summit at 8:00 p.m. CDT (9:00 p.m. EDT)


While we encourage everyone to try and meet new people during community events; we all know that role playing is more fun with friends.

As a result, if you plan on attending this event then please leave a comment or a reaction on the post so other members know!

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I volunteer as tribute! Though only tentative currently but will definitely try to make it out! 😀

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