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A group of highly reputable and respected goblin entities would like to invite you to the first Barge Bash!


The Horde have been spreading nasty rumors around that they party the hardest. It's time the Alliance shows them just how wrong they are. Whether it's corn hole or a drinking contest, one gnome is worth any four goblins that the Horde has to offer.


The guilds of the Emerald Dream community have come together to run the Barge Bash!

Each guild participating will man a stand and host an activity for you to enjoy, so we recommend that you try out as many as you can to reward the hard work put into them!

Remnants of Hope will not be running a stand this event; however, we still encourage other members to get out there and interact with the community!



Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge, Thousand Needles at 8:00 p.m. CDT (9:00 p.m. EDT) WM Off


While we encourage everyone to try and meet new people during community events, we all know that role playing is more fun with friends.

As a result, if you plan on attending this event then please leave a comment or a reaction on the post so other members know!


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