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  1. Well i'm like +7h ahead of eastern time so latest i could come would be around 7 pm and would need to leave around that 8.30 pm
  2. I'll be online for 2 - 3 hours today before going to sleep so if you want to play before that just slap me in league
  3. Oh, hopefully they wont buff then too much. Don't want to see another tank meta xD
  4. @Telana i don't really have a preferred role, but i think atm skill wide it would go adc -> sup -> mid -> top -> jungle but i'm really up to learn anything needed
  5. I'm there to enjoy as well, most of my exp is from against intermediate a.i bots
  6. Yea, i still do play it so gonna update the client and continue my low level account, not sure if i will transfer my main but i will play that one i already have. Name is: Vraton