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Found 2 results

  1. Fraggimus

    Intro to RP!

    Starting at 7pm EST, I'll be hosting an intro to Roleplaying event for those interested! Bring your favorite character for light RP or just come by to listen and learn about what it means to Roleplay and be a Roleplayer! All are welcome, and no experience is required!
  2. Welcome to League of Legends! I’ll start by saying I’ve been playing League since 2012. I play a diverse group of characters and roles spanning over the years of playing mainly playing Support and Top lane. Although I have not played all the roles as much as my main ones, I feel I still have a great understanding on all the roles of the game allowing me to share my knowledge with you guys. Since we started an in game League of Legends club with some new players I feel like I can help ease the pain of learning this game by giving some helpful tips and advice. I’ll start with some basics and in the future write builds, guides and whatever comes to mind. LETS BEGIN! Roles League of Legends is a MOBA with 3 lanes Top, Middle, Bottom and a Jungle. Each lane and the jungle has their own roles to fill within the team. What are roles? Roles are the bread and butter of a team each with their own objectives and responsibilities. From supporting to jungle, Ill break them down to their basics. Top Lane: In the league community Top lane is often referred to as “The Island” meaning, you are often ignored until 20 minutes into the game when you join your team. Top lane is usually occupied with tanks or bruisers, hitting each other with wet noodles doing no damage to each other. Slowly building tanky items until they are an UN-killable machine. It’s the tanks job to soak up as much hits as possible all the while hitting their back line carry with CC (Crowd Control) so they can’t do any damage until the team cleans up the fight. Example Champions: Poppy, Ornn, Malphite, Garen Jungle: The “other” support. Junglers are highly mobile and can often deal a ton of damage. The jungler’s job is to farm the jungle camps spread around your side of the map to gain gold. Once an enemy laner is low enough/pushed their wave too far up, they can come in for a “Gank”. Ganking is a great way to help out your teammates who are being bullied by enemy laners. After clearing your camps or just passing by you can use your gap closers and hard hitting abilities to net an easy kill. Junglers are key to securing objectives such as Baron Nashor, The Dragons or Rift Herald. By using the summoner spell “Smite” you can easily take jungle camps and secure map objectives. Example Champions: Lee Sin, Wukong, Kha'Zix, Evelynn Middle Lane/APC: The middle lane or Ability Power Carry is similar to the Marksman, they are capable of doing a TON of damage but, unlike the Marksman/ADC they do magic damage. The APC plays in a classic 1v1 style with the added benefit of “Roaming”. Roaming is when you leave your lane to assist another lane, whether its top lane or bottom lane you can make it there with ease. Top needs help but your jungler is busy ganking bottom lane? Push your enemy wave and run top for an easy gank. APC usually do most of their damage in burst. Quickly getting in, getting a kill and getting out. Example Champions: Lux, Ryze, Annie, Zed ADC/Marksman: ADC or Attack Damage Carry (Or Marksman if you’re cool) is one of the most popular roles in the game. Your main goal is to kill everyone on your screen, requiring high damage/crit chance and positional awareness. Most of your first 15 minutes are going to be farming minions for that sweet, sweet gold. The downside to your overpowered damage? You are very squishy, meaning if you get caught out by the enemy tank or bruiser you’re most likely to die. ADC is always played with a support at their side to assist them on getting kills or keeping them alive by peeling, healing, or applying shields. Example Champions: Ashe, Jhin, Vayne, Miss Fortune Support: Personally support is my favorite role as well as my main role to play competitively. The supports job is simple, keep your lane partner alive. Supports are usually equipped with stuns, slows, snares, knock ups, heals or shields. Any good support player knows that their life is worth sacrificing if it means feeding your carry with more kills, more kills means more gold, more gold means more damage, more damage means GG EZ. A great way to keep your teammates alive is to “Peel” for them. Peeling for your team allows them to safely damage the enemy while you keep them at a safe distance. Last but certainly not least, warding. Warding as a support is HUGE to keeping track of enemies positions on the map under “Fog of War”. At the beginning of the game the support will buy an item that will eventually build into an item that stores 3-4 wards at a time. Once placed they last 90-180 seconds based on your level and are stealthed. You can only have 3 wards down on the entire map at a time. By warding you can safely avoid ganks from an enemy jungler or keep track of objectives such as Baron Nashor. In general, wards will help your entire team keep track of enemy movements on the map by providing vision. As a counter to enemy wards, you can buy a “Sweeper” trinket from the shop. Using the Sweeper you can see enemy wards that you can then destroy, or you can buy a “Control Ward” which has a 5 hit HP bar. Control wards reveal enemy wards within a small radius. Unlike normal wards, control wards are NOT stealthed. denying vision from enemy is just as strong as providing it for your team. By making a habit of warding it will greatly improve your chances of winning your games. Example Champions: Sona, Bard, Rakan, Leona So that’s about it, the basics to each role. Ill go more in depth in the future for each including champion guides. Let me know if this helped anyone!