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St. Patty’s day Karaoke!



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Hello fellow Hopians! I am having the Karaoke early this month and who knows I still might schedule it for the last Thursday of this month! So this St Patty’s day you need sing at least one song from an Irish singer or band. So remember Hopians please join me on some Karaoke fun on Sunday, March 17. I hope to see y’all on ts and joining me that day!


Let’s have some fun!

T’riss ^_~ -wink- 


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Karaoke night had 8 or 9 different singers and a fun time was had by all! My WvW friends from the JOY guild dropped in and one of them played a few songs on his guitar. TY Triss for organizing it!

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Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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