RP: A New Home: Chapter I


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When the Remnants of Hope first sailed to Kul Tiras, they expected the journey to be a quick one. Get in, push the witches back from Falconhurst, and get out. But they didn't expect renegade Horde soldiers to assault Stormsong Valley. The assault made it clear that Kul Tiras is not yet in a state of peace. There are people hurting here.


To that end, Midna Ramstone, the Dark Iron dwarf who led the Remnants to Kul Tiras, plans to bring a proposal before the volunteers: the Remnants of Hope should establish a satellite base in Kul Tiras. There, they will stay a while, helping the people of the land as long as peace is not yet guaranteed.


But there are still many questions to be answered. Where will the base be? Who is in need of the most help? Do the volunteers even agree that the organization should do this? That's where they come in. This is their chance to provide their own opinions about the future of the organization.


What will your character say?




A New Home

Chapter I


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