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Written by Thelesia:


Well met, Feladris.


I am Enyna of the Kirin Tor. I hope you and your allies are doing well, in tidings such as the ones of late.


Such strife is one of the reasons I write to you now. The Horde and Alliance have clashed many a time, but on this day, the two factions seek an artifact that would leave only disaster in its wake.


The Kirin Tor seeks to recover the artifact in hopes of either locking it safely away , or destroying it for good, depending on what would best benefit the world as a whole. Should it fall into the wrong hands, only disaster would follow.


For this reason, my colleagues and I would request the aid of yourself and your allies. Foul forces are at work, and only by standing together can we hope to face them and bring a time of peace to follow such strife.


I hope to speak with you on such matters further. Together, we can end the conflict, once and for all.


- Enyna.


Written by Feladris:


Feladris's return letter comes via the regular postal service on a rather ordinary afternoon. It's a bit comical, given the demon huntress's, well, demonic nature. It's also a bit unexpected, given this letter is arriving quite a few days late. Upon unfurling it, Enyna would find the looping, precise handwriting of someone who must have once been a scribe. It reads:


I am aware of the artifact. The real question is why someone like yourself would seek help from me, of all people.


I accept your invitation. Please respond with a time, date and location. I am currently based in the Blasted Lands.


The letter ends with a drawing of what looks like a family crest featuring a bird and a sword. Enyna might think the letter is frustratingly short, or that Feladris is hiding her true thoughts about her and the invitation. Either way, she has a recruit.


Written by Thelesia:


While Feladris is out on one of her many adventures, a small arcane construct materializes before her.


Greetings. This is a scheduled delivery from Magistrix Thelesia Listres. Please state your name.


Although she's a bit hesitant at first, she realizes that the tiny little construct couldn't present danger event if it wanted to. She states her name accordingly.


Identification successful, you may read the contents of this letter.


The construct approaches her. A small hatch on its head opens, and a delicately wrapped scroll hovers over it. She grabs the scroll. It reads as follows:


Greetings, this is Magistrix Thelesia from the Kirin Tor. I'm sure you have plenty of questions, and we are confident that we can satisfactorily answer each one. Please let us meet next Sunday at 6 p.m. We won't take much of your time. A similar construct will be dispatched to your location when it's time for the meeting. It should provide you with a portal to our meeting location. Sincerely, Thelesia Listres.


Feladris notices the stamp of the Kirin Tor on bottom-left corner of the scroll. Along with it are six signatures, representing the approval of the Council of the Six.



Thelesia and I have been cooking up some RP via mail over the past week! She has invited the Remnants of Hope to be part of a meeting with the Kirin Tor this Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EDT!


Since I know many people have not been part of the Ravens' War in weeks, I'd like to recap what's going on here:



Over the course of the battle between the Alliance and the Horde, the Alliance discovered that the reason the Horde was being aggressive in the southeast was because they were seeking a valuable artifact coveted by an undead mage named Corvin Byrne. This artifact was the eye of a bronze dragon, capable of warping time, and Corvin had narrowed down its location to somewhere in Outland. The Horde was trying to go through the Dark Portal to retrieve it, leaving a path of bloodshed in their wake.


Over time, opinion became split between the members of the Alliance. Some wanted to slay the Horde. Some wanted to form an alliance with the members of the Horde who secretly did not support Corvin's mission. Some wanted to destroy the artifact. Some wanted to deliver it into the hands of the Kirin Tor.


The latter became a reality when Enyna, a mage of the Kirin Tor, sent letters to various leaders involved in the conflict. Opinion among the Alliance was still divided, but for the time being, Feladris -- along with other leaders -- have decided to have this meeting with the Kirin Tor. Should they decide to work with them, their mission will be to retrieve the bronze dragon eye and deliver it safely into the Kirin Tor's vaults.


In contrast to the battle last Friday night, this event will be pure RP! So RP-lovers, come on out! This could turn into a campaign for us if we enjoy it!

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