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[Achievements] Beat Up Zahk Day - End of PvP CZeasons!!!



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Elevators are really cool but Zahk gets stuck at them when the group is in combat and he's mad.

Like REALLY mad, and so, instead of being stuck in combat we will simply take turns beating each other up.


This makes this event a little bit PvP but I promise you: it's not serious PvP, it will be fun, and you can get progress on an achievement to kill players on the planet in a friendly environment. I am NOT looking for fair, "try as hard as you can" fights. What we're really there for is helping each other farm those pesky PvP achievements!!


This week will be the end of CZerka, followed by using our remaining time to help montago and mav finish up the scare bear oricon achievement they missed before Beat up Zahk Day tackles Iokath and goes on hiatus!


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