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    After 6months of chemo, my Mom has officially beaten Cancer (pt2) today!! So grateful to be closing that chapter!
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    Happy International Asexuality Day! Please add your cake to the pile ~
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    Thank you Grumps for your service and sacrifice.
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    Trial Objectives: (7/9) [x] Join the guild in game. [x] Join Discord. [x] -Link your Discord account with your Forum Account [x] -Sign up for notifications for departments you're interested in [x] Set a forum avatar. [x] Make 10 posts on the forums. These can be replies OR new topics. (10/10) [x] Post an introduction in your application thread. We would love to get to know you better! [x] Read and sign our Rules and Regulations thread. [] Participate in 2 events. [] -A scheduled event OR any activity in game with two other [RoH] members such as fractals, dungeons, map completion. [] -Please take a screenshot of the activity and post to this application. -END-
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    Heya Happy Birthday!
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    OMG Telana! I can't believe that I missed wishing you a happy birthday yesterday! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and your studies are going smoothly! Also, happy belated birthday!
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    Happy birthday, Founder! Sometimes I think RoH is too nice for its own good, but time has told.
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    Congrats on completing another orbit!
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    Happy Birthday old man! Love and appreciate you so much! Have a great day
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    Happy birthday Telana! Have a great day!
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    Birthday!!! Happy Birthday dear @Saal
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    Happy Birthday
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    Hello! @randstarfire is my husband. ^_^
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    Hope your birthday is amazing Azilori!!!
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    If I could only sing, which I can't but I know what I can do!! Is wish my favorite friend from the other side of the lake a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY *HUGS*
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    Happy Birthday dear friend! Have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday *hugs*
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    Happy birthday Azi!!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Hope you had a great birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, Kingston! Hope it was a wonderful day and you ended up getting to enjoy your mom's cooking.
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    I still can't believe I ran into in the wild lol lol So glad to see you back
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    Happy Birthday @Saal - hope it is amazing!
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    Happy birthday (a little late)!
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    Omg Kittyyyyy!! I didnt know it was ur bday yesterday!!! Hope u had a blast and happy late bday!!!
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    Happy Birthday! Hope it's great!
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    Thanks for the Greetings and all the info @Snicket Ill make sure to make good use of it ! also ill try and gear up to help you guys slap the next expansions content
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    Thanks for the info @Circe ! Also @Vale_0785 and @sabertooth have been Amazing in helping me craft gear ! Wanted to let you know that you have great people in your team ! Sending much love
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    Hey there! So I was telling you about the surname of my main character and that, lore wise, you might be interested in its decent? Well, I concider my main to be of old Ascalonian decent. She is a great great grand daughter of Toby Lefey, who is bound to this quest of Guild Wars Prophecies: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Family_Ties_(Prophecies_quest) Thought I could appreciate the info ^^
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday! How cool our birthdays are so close! lol I hope it is a fantastic and enjoyable day!
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    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
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    Happy Birthday, Koro I hope you had a great day!
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    Happy Birthday, sir! Hope you had a wonderful day. And thank you for everything you do...I may not WvW, but I know enough to know how highly everyone thinks of you and what a fantastic job you're doing!
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