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    I have lots of job interviews to go though this week. Really nervous and anxious. Wish me luck! 9.6
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I'm well, working at a good job, living close to my horse so I can see him whenever I want, living close to my sister so we see each other often (usually up at the horses). Life is good. Gaming on FFXIV though and can't Discord at my new job.
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    Since the props group is back at Revan, here's the link to the image with the numbers for the clock phase, as well as our original clear video for reference. In case anyone wants more examples, I'll also post my full PvE playlist; any Temple of Sacrifice run longer than 20 minutes probably has a Revan fight at the end, and the longer the video, the more likely we got to phase 3: @Katalaw @Vehirt @Vorn @Aedi Lanigiro @Orig Wrangler @Sayuri @Rama @Yiss
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    Hi! I was thinking we should do some kind of RoH event online for us single people! Any suggestions? T’riss
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    My family's leftover rice is never fried. This way, the child is addicted to it.
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