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    Would anyone care to be motivation buddies? Encourage each other everyday, "you can do it!!", maybe even set a challenge for each other to complete per day, and other motivational stuff? I honestly cannot do this alone, I keep trying to and just get bored right off the bat. I think the only 2 good things currently happening is that I drink A LOT of water, I love water now, especially with the water enhancers, kroger brand!! Look that up!! "Water Enhancers Kroger band" I think that's healthy and perfectly fine to drink. Nonetheless, I've been drinking lots and lots and lots of water, with or without the water enhancer. Okay, that's my 1st thing. 2nd thing is that a couple nights a week, things get busy at work and I'm up and walking around a lot so that counts a lot towards my steps. Maybe I should get an app or something to help keep track! Any recommendations? Let's exercise together, encourage each other to do some push ups, walking in the afternoon/morning before work, etc. I think we'd both have to have Discord on mobile and private message each other to act as like sort of texting on each others phones!! So, who wants to be motivation buddies over Discord Private messaging? Anyone and everyone!! Or, am I just being silly with this idea of mine XD Or, if this post is even allowed!!! O,O
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    PvE Operation Event: Gods of the Machine Date: 10/23/2020 Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 7:00 PM EST Operation End Time: 10:00 PM EST You must arrive at least 15 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced. Requirements: level 75 (300 level gear) Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel. Let's just relax and have fun. This is to help everyone new to operations get a chance to run an operation. I will lead the ops but I will take a position when everyone else signs up. I gave us a bit more time this week. Main-Tank: @Jed Off-Tank: @Jae Onasi Healer: @hunterhead Healer: @DrDudis DPS: @Dochabi DPS: @Roedynn DPS: @Rykyn DPS: @Logani Backup: NOTE!!!!!!!! IF YOU CANT MAKE THIS WEEK, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL REPLACE YOU WITH SOMEONE ELSE. THANKS!!!!!! Slyfoxmartin, Jed, RoguishZero, Merliah, Jae Onasi, Vorn, Slazersc, Vehirt, Aedi Lanigiro, Dalivandrian, Evath, Kialya, Skywalker17, Yiss, Madhatter5510, Hellary Ren, Grin, Surrrithux, Laysa, Getius, NorthHorizon, Riku, Rykyn, Cikopath, It's Dan, AidenRhen, Etrias, theangrywelder, marlzz, Falcon III, allticrates, Darth Gumby, Shaun, Quasited, Icy, witchbolts, Mirivor, Eskili, brazymando, Nabetse, Mr Invictus, Amrithir, hunterhead, aj85, Chackez, MDStacky, Frarry, Inyourprime, Dochabi, BRAYSCEND, indiablonix, Roedynn, Coffeedout, Cora Nilu, Brannis, Ocean
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    Hi All, Short notice... Lets see if we can get a SMOPS Run to TOS (Temple of Sacrifice) Going. It's a fairly easy OP, not to long and its pretty cool. Republic Side, everyone welcome, includes trials... low gear rating.. .everyone. Sign up below. If we have more the 8 sign up, we can think about going 16 man, which usually nets achievements people usually don't have. So if your a vet raider and want to help us blow thru the OP, sign up! (You can put down something like "Role - DPs - 16 man backup if you only want to do 16 man.) Tank: @Yiss (Could change) Tank: @Merliah Heal: @Slyfoxmartin Heal: @LMKurosu DPS: @Dochabi DPS: @DrDudis DPS: @EmiSalgari DPS: @Roedynn -- Heal: @Jed ? Heal: DPS: @Darth Gumby DPS: @Skywalker17 DPS: @hunterhead DPS: @ScorchGamer12 DPS: DPS: @Jae Onasi
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    Just as it has always been, when our memories of the ancient world fade into twilight, anew era dawns to fill the void; an unfamiliar path with a pulse of its own, a tempo notdictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines, launching the worldinto an age of bold innovation. From this cauldron of steel and sweat, a vision of prosperityemerged; harnessing the untold power of the elements, turning night into day, creatingnew designs that brought the world's stage to the masses and providing an experiencethat many had never imagined. The advent of mechanized warfare brought devastation likenone the world had ever seen, providing a window of opportunity for some to dictateconformity as regimes spread their ideologies with a heavy hand, inciting the world to thebrink of war. And yet, some chose a different path and, through their vision, brought uniqueprospectives to the world. As singular proponents of free thinking remained striving for peacein their endeavors to unlock the secrets of the universe—some of which, would fill ourhearts with fear and regret. And as this progress unfolds, the finite nature of our world becomesclear; our survival, the survival of all the world's peoples, depends on our ability tocoexist in peace, but this peace is tenuous. Although mankind will always look onward,yearning for more, searching for new boundaries, only to break through them, with the understandingthat this world is one, in which, we all share, comes the responsibility of knowing that thedecisions you make today will have a lasting impact on the generations of tomorrow. Who here still feels the chill of those words... THAT RIGHT FOLKS CIV 5 IS BACK! been a long time since the last time a civ game was held but am ready to host one again 7:30 EST Thursday! not this one the next gives you a whole week to decide whether to join me or not @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Vedian @Icarus @Merredith for newcomers or veterans of my games all are welcome to join i run enjoyable sessions of humor and passive aggressive warmongering that many can attest to! "cough" Dreaming i apologize! or "coughing" OSWALD AND LACK OF SIEGE WEAPONS IN CIV 6! yeah that right i remember can't wait to see how many i can get in this session!
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    If you want to try and get in the alpha tests going forward, remember to sign up again. It will be under a NDA.
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    Bread Winners Lowbie PVP Hosted every Wednesday, 7pm-9ish pm est. Event side will be determined based on who is going to attend. Characters of any level below 75 are welcome, and groups will be made as well as can be per level bracket.
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    See Raid Roster here: Sign-ups are posted every Tuesday of each week. Please sign-up if you'd like to join us! Beginners and vets both welcome. If you are interested in being a sub, just keep an eye out in the #GW2-General chat in the Discord. I'll send out a ping if I need a fill. Thanks! Contact @Pupp on the forums or on Discord (Pupp#1331) if you have any questions.
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    Getting in shape is like rolling a boulder. The first few steps are the hardest but once you get momentum, it's easier and easier.
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    Ahh I'd love to!! I'm trying to do the same myself!
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    Ok all dont stess about starparse. Honestly I usually forget to start it anyway. ( shhhh. Don't tell my assistants they will yell at me.) Check the roster and come let's just have fun tonight this is one of my favorite operations. @Dalivandrian we can use a dps if you want come.
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    Hiya everyone! I know @Calypso589 recently streamed Layers of Fear for people to enjoy, and it got me thinking what other scary games we could stream or play together! I personally, play Dead by Daylight, and am looking into getting Phasmaphobia and Pacify, which are also multiplayer games for people to enjoy! In my Steam library I also have Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Evil Within, Left 4 Dead (2), Pathologic 2, and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard! Let us know in this thread what games you would like to watch or play together!
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    What are some of your favorite scary movies? I'm hoping to find some new ones and maybe we could even stream some for people to watch together as Halloween approaches! Some of my personal faves are: - Hush - Veronica - The SAW series - and a bunch of others I can't remember rn I also have a HUGE list of scary movies I want to watch and I find that watching scary movies is always done best when watching together! So please share some of your favorite scary movies or movies you haven't seen yet (but want to) and we can try to get a few scary movie parties going throughout the month of October!
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    Being honest, I often watch horror movies and laugh my butt off at them. I also don't watch a lot of them, but here are a few I've really enjoyed. 28 Days Later (I notably did not laugh, this one got to me) The VVitch Oculus (it really messed with my head) Tucker and Dale vs. Evil If you want something particularly different, try A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. It's an Iranian horror film, and really well-done.
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    If anyone has the ability, I strongly recommend Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on GameCube. The System Shock series is also good from what I hear, but if we're looking for something more modern we could give Dead Space a go. The first Dead Space, especially, is full of "HNNNNG NOPE" moments. My game library is severely lacking in spooky... okay it's severely lacking in general, but those are a few suggestions for games.
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    Pub Side Regs PVP Hosted every Sunday from 8pm-10pm est. Welcome to all lvl 75 Republic characters!
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    To get Hk-51 as a companion, there are quite a few requirement to fulfill. Because it can take a while to finish the different steps, why not do it with guilds? The time will go by faster and it'll be more fun. Let me know in the comments what missions you still need to accomplish to get HK-51 parts. That way, we can split into team and group the ones that need the same parts together.
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    @RoguishZero No worries on the double post haha! Also, many of those movies on your list are on mine too! And I totally agree with your thoughts on SAW! While there are many sequels, I do enjoy how they are all connected!
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    Happy birthday!!!! ^~^
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