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    I'm not gonna lie, I don't like PVP, because....well, I stink and hate letting my team down. However, I'm not going to be able to resist the new rewards track when 7.2 drops. This event is really going to help me and thank you so much for doing it. Quick question....All of my characters are either Combat/Carnage or Lethality/Ruffian (not including SI/JC because they suck). Am I better off bringing a Lethality/Ruffian since I'm more comfortable with the rotation, but none of the other things or Combat/Carnage, where I'm learning the rotation (muscle memory causes me to revert to old habits when things get tense), but have a good feel for my defensives, etc.? Gear wise, they are all in good shape. And of course I'll have many more dumb questions.
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    @silentso1dier@RogueTwo@Darth Gumby@jcmichaelw@ret1red Ok so two things 1. I'm an idiot and thought DF would be on the weeklies and it is not so Instead we'll do KP since 2. The community meeting is tonight and we'll push it back to 9 PM EST due to the meeting. If you can not make it please let me know!
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    keep in mind @calishell you can totally bring anything you want to a PvP event. We ain't gonna nitpick performance and you don't have to bring your A-Game or The Current Best Amazing Class. Setting yourself up for success can certainly help though, and I'm thinking Combat/Carnage may be recommended if the defensives are something you're more used to using for sure. As a general rule, (until we get into advanced stuff like putting AoE pressure on a group to make an enemy healer sweat a lil, etc.) burst classes will have better success in warzones. Higher chance of securing and eliminating a target before they can react with defensives or heals, which means greater chances of winning at the given objective. The fact that you're more familiar with the defensives is a great help too! If we wanna work on how to DPS with Combat Sent during the event there's totally a training dummy on rishi and I've written a few guides, I could bring my sentinel and demonstrate! This is exactly the kinda stuff I wanna explore with you guys so we can PvP more confidently, so thanks for the question!!
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    I have zero nice things to say about Corellia...... but I'll be there lol
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  5. It will be nice to have you along again, hopefully we beat Dom this time
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  6. I'm down to DPS that. Want to clear it myself
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  7. ESO Server: North American Megaserver - PC (Ebonheart Pact Alliance) FFXIV Server: Jenova (Aether Data Center) GW2 Server: Tarnished Coast (North American Servers only! If you are not on TC or linked server, you will not be able to join us for WvW, sorry!) SWTOR Server: Star Forge (Both Republic and Imperial.) WoW Server: Illidan - Horde Faction / Emerald Dream - Alliance Faction The Remnants of Hope is a gaming community focused on all aspects (RP, PvP, PvE, Crafting, Housing, Fashion) of the games we play (FFXIV, SWTOR, GW2, ESO & WoW), led by numerous Officers, Division Commanders and Elder Council members focused on maintaining an active, tight-knit community with a friendly, mature atmosphere. Our Most Active Times 7 PM - 12 PM Eastern How to Join RoH Register for our forums and validate your email Fill out an application Read the Code of Conduct as part of your application Go through a 2-week trial period, where you will have to complete various tasks like participate in guild activities, get familiar with the forums, and be interviewed by a member of the Recruitment Committee. Your Application Your application is our first chance to learn more about you, so please treat it professionally. A good impression goes a long way. Apply by clicking here and filling out the form AFTER you have signed up for our forums! Start checking your application at least daily. Any new information about it will be posted there! Members will start posting questions, comments or simply welcome you to the guild on your application thread. Feel free to reply, or ask questions there! Our Recruitment Department will begin reviewing your application and will either accept or deny it within the next few days. They will post on your application once they have decided with further information, so keep checking it. Your Trial Membership Once you are accepted, you then go through a 2-week trial period. During this time you are welcome to participate in all the events Remnants of Hope has, from coming onto Discord with us or joining us in leveling, PvE, PvP, Crafting or RP. During your trial you will have to complete a set of trial objectives. These trial objectives are different for each game and will be posted on your application if you are accepted. These trials include: Joining our guild in-game Introducing yourself to the guild Getting to know our forums Participating in guild activities Need Help? If you ever have a question about joining, applying or your trial membership, please contact these people: ESO - @Xeuma_Darr FFXIV - @Dexstar (she/they) GW2 - @Jeul SWTOR - @Walex WoW - @Caitbrooke General Membership/Community Questions - @CoffeeMuffin (Community Manager) Want to read about the full process? Please visit our recruitment process thread.
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