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  1. Preferred Name: Sylvara Age: 26 Pronouns (he/she/they, etc.): he/him Time Zone: PST, UTC -8 Character Class: All of them except Ranger and Elementalist Game you will be playing with Remnants of Hope: GW2 Official username for that game: Sylvaratayn.7640 1. Have you read the Code of Conduct and do you agree to follow it? Yes 2. How did you hear about The Remnants of Hope? If a member invited you please let us know who. I found the post on the subreddit while actively looking for a guild. 3. If you could travel to any time or place where would it be? To the far future where many diseases have been cured, so I can take samples of said cures and bring them back. Failing that, I would love to go back in time and meet prominent historical figures like Beethoven or George Washington. 4. Upon joining Remnants of Hope you are expected to maintain a mature and friendly demeanor to everyone in game. What does maturity mean to you and do you feel that you can remain civil even with the nastiest players in the game? Maturity means to be understanding and respectful to others, even if you disagree with them personally, and understanding that there is another human being on the other side, with feelings and hopes and anxieties who you may be callously hurting with insensitive or disrespectful words. If I cannot remain civil with someone, I'll simply block and stop interacting with them. I will not subject myself to toxicity, but I will not allow myself to become toxic in response. 5. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? The ability to stop time, so I can spend as much time as I want sleeping and studying and reading without losing real-world hours. 6. Have you been in other guilds before; on this game or any others? If so,what was your favorite and least favorite things about them? I was in a Guild Wars guild once, but it didn't really stick out much. I barely did anything with them and they barely did anything to even join. They were kind and inclusive, at least. I am in a guild for Warframe called Ouroboros Dynasty, and I like how they keep the community together with events and schedules. I dislike how many of their events are raffles or giveaways, I just want to play the game with others. 7. What five adjectives, and 5 only, would you use to describe yourself? Autistic, Wise, Worried, Hopeful, Empathetic 8. Have you ever held a leadership position in a gaming community? Would this be something you are interested in in the future? I've been a moderator for a few random games. I used to run my own guild for Warframe, but never seriously sat down and recruited outside of personal friends. I also have a Guild Wars guild that's basically empty. I enjoy leading, but I don't trust myself with power because I wasn't responsible with it back when I was a teenager. 9. Aside from gaming, what is one activity you enjoy? And what is one activity you dislike? I enjoy game programming. I dislike anything that gets my hands dirty, such as pottery or gardening. 10. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses as a person (not in game)? I like to believe that I'm wise enough to be able to give frank advice to people; not in the "I'm going to say whatever I want regardless of how much it hurts you" sense, but in the "the best and most caring advice I can provide to you with as nuanced of an understanding as I can to your circumstance and mental state". I'm terrible at remembering to do regular maintenance like cleaning, studying, or taking medicine. 11. Remnants of Hope houses players that enjoy all aspects of the game, Crafting, PVE, PVP, RP and Social. Which do you enjoy the most, and why? I like whatever the game has to offer, but specifically in Guild Wars, I want to do mainly PvE, and occasionally try out both flavors of PvP. I'm not a big fan of competition, guild wars crafting is more of a requirement than a specialization, and to me, the social aspect of an MMO is intrinsic to its value and completely unavoidable. 12. The servers are closing down in 24 hours permanently. How would you like to spend the last bit of time in game? I would sit in the Grove and look around while listening to the music. I love the aesthetic and the view. 13. What other games have you played and what did you like about them? Any games you are excitedly waiting for? If I were to go on a full sermon about every game I've played and what I love about them, you would be reading this for the rest of the day, so I'll spare you and give my top 3 in no particular order: 1. Team Fortress 2. One of the greatest and most well-made games of all time. I have entire essays of everything they did right during the creation process. 2. The Witcher 3. There are a scant few story-based games that have well and truly pulled me in over the years, made me feel things and cry. Witcher 3 did all of that and more. The characterization was so well done, so true to life, that they all started feeling more like real people than they felt like characters. 3. Rimworld. My favorite and likely most-played game of all time; a big old sandbox for me to build whatever story I want inside, with the modding support to turn the sandbox into whatever shape I need it to be to make the next story. I don't anticipate games anymore. Hype is a double-edged sword. 14. If you could be any animal (fantasy ones included) which would you be and why? I don't really want to BE any animal, but my spirit animal is the Tanuki. I love their mythology of benevolent, teasing tricksters. 15. RoH utilizes Discord for VoIP. Are you willing to use this platform, based on the needs of the activity you're interested in? Yes. 16. Are you on the servers we currently play on and are you planning on transferring to join us? Willing to switch servers. Currently on Crystal Desert.
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  2. Introduction: Hi, I'm Sylvara. I'm terrible at self introductions. I am deeply passionate about video games in all forms, from playing them to analyzing them on a mechanical or narrative level, to designing and programming my own. I'm currently on summer break away from college where I am working on an associates in computer science. I'm trying to keep my schedule as empty as possible over summer break, because I want to do a whole lot of nothing until classes start again, but I have a few things going on, such as a tabletop Cyberpunk Red game in about 10 minutes as of writing this. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch, though not quite launch day. I started as a Ranger and made it from 1-80 using Bearbow which completely sucked the fun out of the game. After quitting for a while and coming back when Living World Season 1 hit, suffering through that with bearbow again, I finally deleted my poor ranger around when Heart of Thorns came out and made another character, and now, years later, I have a character for every class except Ranger and Elementalist, my two least favorite. I don't really have a main, but the one class I've put the most resources into is my alacrity/healer Chronomancer. I don't have access to the discord or the rest of the forums, nor have I been invited to the guild ingame yet, so please do let me know when I can continue forwards.
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  3. Hi, thanks for accepting me! I'll get the formality out of the way before the introduction quickly: What two offices are elected in Remnants of Hope? High Elder and Division Commanders. Who is the High Elder currently? As of 7/21/2024, Valendore Who is the GW2 Division Commander currently? As of 7/21/2024, Merliah Who are the GW2 Department Officers, and what Departments do they head? Recruitment: Thammarat PvE Officer: DrUnicorn Crafting: Eisen of Zek Mists/PvP?: Drubid Roleplay: Vacant
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  4. Do you agree to follow and abide by the Code of Conduct as written here: https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/documents/charter/#coc If so, please reply to this post with a /sign.
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  5. Happy 15 Year Anniversary RoH!! Hope everyone is doing well!
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