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    Come join me in PVP learning during Low and Mid Warzones. We are gonna alternate every week between Imp and Pub side for the Tuesday Warzones. NEW players are more than welcome, this is an event aiming to help players learn about the mechanics of PVP. If you want to join, just message Moofasa on discord or in-game for an invite. If you guys can't make it or even just want to see because you want to learn, all of the games are going to be streamed on my channel at twitch.tv/MoofasaGaming
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    Hey guys, Im creating this event as I am working on a Guardian and a Juggernaut for PVP. I bought the gear for Skank Tank, so I would like to try it out with you guys if anyone is willing to join me This event will take part at max level on IMP side! , otherwise, if we do not have enough players, it could be in Midbies as my Guardian is there as well. Added some time stamp for this event.
  3. Hey guys I'm hosting a PVP event on the republic side, we will decide together if we do LOW / MID / MAX level PvP, that way we can get as many people as we can! There will be prizes for participants as it is part of the Holidays Most of our games are going to be Streamed by Myself on my twitch channel, Big Love to everyone and Happy Holidays
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    Come join me on a few matches of Imperial low or mid Warzones as I stream our VICTORIES to the world!!

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