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  1. Traid, I think you were in the Heroics with me when we we discussed Lord of the Rings. Feel free to hit me up when you see me in SWTOR (most likely on my main, Gulmaro) or on TeamSpeak and we can switch to it and get you settled in and give you a guided tour, gear up your "level when you want" character and show you around a bit.

    1. Traid


      Heya! Absolutely! I started playing LOTRO last night, and started a Hunter for my 'Level as I want' character. However, it finished downloading quite late so I haven't played much.

    2. Optio


      Okay. i will be in TS when/if you want to talk about the game or ask any questions.

    3. Traid


      Sure, I can hop on in a few. Talk to you soon!