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    Wine, fine dining, travel for fine dining, cooking, occasional movie, reading, GW2!

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    Kercie Tel Mic, Telmicson, Kercie Gardechasse, Mich Tel Mic, David Kersash, Kercie Lightshield, Curr Tel Micson, Hunter Tel Mic
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I've been playing Guild Wars 2 almost as long as I could, within days of release.  All my characters are level 80 except my mule, and I have been working on some raid builds (Dragonhunter and Healer Tempest), but I get most enjoyment from PvE, open world mostly (probably because I have trouble with the rotations - age?), but I also like PvP.   My first character is an Ele because I played a Healing Empath in a game called Dragon Realms in the 90's (totally text based).  I have been VERY casual for the last 5 or 6 years in playing, logging in and getting dailies was about the extent of it.  That has resulted in being ignorant about a lot of good stuff about builds, game content, etc., so I'm looking forward to learning as I play.  I also enjoy helping out as much as working on my own things, like running story with others, helping with achievements, etc.


My husband (who has played GW2 since Beta) and I have just moved to the U.S. east coast, so we're just settling in.  Since I do not have as much work as I did before, I want to play more!  Semi-retirement has its benefits! I retired from the Marine Corps 22 years ago after 22 years on active duty both enlisted and officer, and have worked in various areas since.  Currently I am working as an editor and author agent for one particular author for the time being. 


I play no other MMORPGs simply because I find GW2 to have so much content that I am happy just playing this for now.