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  1. World Bosses


    Woo hoo Nightmare Pilgrim.  I've tanked it, just need a refresher.  I would be game someday, if anyone wants the challenge.  I hear you don't need the red crystal any more?

  2. SMOPS - KP


    I'm a trail applicant:  My In-guild toon is mdps, I've done the ops be4, but not for a while.  I also have good level tank, rdps & a couple lousy healers.

  3. World Bosses


    I'm new here (Xorthill), I can jump in and help, this toon is dps, but I have a tank and some seriously lousy healers.  I think I've done every WB there is except DreadTooth on 10 stack.  I'm a trail applicant.

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