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Found 14 results

  1. A new cycle has started the old galaxy washed away by the growing power of the Great Khan after his passing the galaxy descended into barbarism the great civilizations that bent the knee to the Khan only for his great empire to fragment tried to break free only to have a scorch earth policy apply to them the constant warefare grinded down the other civilizations that bravely fought against the unification under the Great Khan. In their last desperate act the civilizations that look to the future left enclose in time capsules a warning. Unity is the answer alone you are vulenerable together you are strong beware those that thrive in the disunity for they seek advantages! This is it folks a new Stellaris game with the Federation DLC am so looking forward to it and the galaxtic community will force their policies on those that have not joined (grins at the challange) just try it! am looking at Sunday 7:30 EST going for three hours ONLY Downscale ships mod lets get back into flow of games then we will try and nit pick more mods after hopefully a first successful game in quite a while @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @DreamingofRoses @Icarus @BisonLaFran @Vedian
  2. Hey all just wanting to see if there is any interest in setting up a game of Civ 5 or Civ 6 i know people hate one but like the other eventually i will do both but if there is anyone interested in playing a Civ 6 game with the Gathering Storm DLC and because it is a turn base game Lag dosen't effect the game play at all so those that have been watching but never think they can play this is the game to step your toes into!
  3. "dramatic Civ 6 music" Its time civilization lovers for us to come together and play Civilization 6! Gathering Storm is a must Rise and Fall optional. Every win condition including Dominition is on the table. We shall gather at 7:30 CST and go for 3 hours every Sunday!. May your civilization withstand the test of time! @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Vedian @Icarus
  4. Wow this will be my eighth game organize by me scary! So this time it will be different we will have rolling session hosts which mean one person hosts a session then another person will so we can find the optimal host in our little group as i have all the DLC's i shall be the first host. Now what i need from you is simple so I can manage to get everyone that wants to play into this game i just need you to say Count me in i will then go to the Availability poll here is the link the people who say they want to be counted in i will do my best to ensure that we end up on a date that fits the majority those that miss out i will try and organize a second day but with CK2 and Civ taking some other prime days you might need to wait for someone else to step up to lead a game so...LET THE THREAD BEGIN! p.s. The game will occur not this week but the next so there is no rush p.s.s if anyone has any suggestion or changes they wish to introduce to the game say so then on the day of the event we will take a vote if they pass or not!
  5. @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Kalos @Deluxe Its time for the next Civ 5 game with the second game coming to an end surprising end its time for a new one the most voted day is Sunday! 7:30 CST time if someone is willing to host i would happily guide you through how to set up one because the second game taught me a lot on how MP Civ 5 works make sure before the event itself you lower your settings to ensure a smoother process just saying it now Shoshone dibs! there has to be an advantage in organizing these games
  6. Seeing as how we are looking to be a centralized hub for PC strategy games and not everyone has the same games or interest in the same ones, here is a tag list as per each game. If you would like to be added or removed, please comment in this thread which game you'd like to be notified for. This will apply to polls, planning MP events, scheduled events, etc. Stellaris @SyntheticPlayer @Kimberley @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Phoenix@Marbass @Telana @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @KalianVan@ZEE88 @DreamingofRoses @Icarus Age of Empires @Telana @ZEE88@Tzunamis @crosius Total War @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Tzunamis @Tyrtaeus@ShogunTaira Civ @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Vedian @Icarus Chucklefish Games (Stardew Valley, Starbound, Starmancer, Risk of Rain) @ZEE @DreamingofRoses
  7. @Ezoura @Vedian @Oswald-Plays @Kalos This Thursday coming up at 7:30 EST we begin our first Civ 5 game! plz try and arrive early so we can all get in and decide what civ we want to play better yet declare them on this thread so there is no confusion pick two preferred first if anyone has a match then we will roll to see who gets higher and you have a second choice ready to go the settings can be changed upon request so be free with your opinions! Small Contients Difficult for that one AI on Prince Standard Speed Low Sea level KalianVan Shoshone/Inca
  8. Hey all with @Kriege7 taking the victory for himself its time we move onto a new game as the majority has voted on Sat guess what Sat it is same time 7pm this time we are rolling hosts which means that the first person' preferable the one that has all the DLC's will host the first game then the next session we shall move onto the next people if you are interested in hosting plz love this post Next Sat not this one coming up is when it starts so make sure to have your race picked out and ready to go i know i do as a beloved Megacorp so here we go @Kriege7 @ShogunTaira @Phoenix @Vedian @Deluxe @Vikkie @Matatomi tagging everyone that agree to play on Sat let the event commence!
  9. @ShogunTaira @Krieger @Thorn @Herodii So here we go 700 years basically of plots, murder, war, plagues and rebellious vassals where we shall see who will emerge as the strongest Dynasty now there are four options we can do. 1. We play in England it is a safe comfortable location with an occasional viking invasion we play in either Mercia or Northumbria it got enough Counts for the players we have me am leaning towards Mercia central location room to expand north, south, east and west with an easier chance of creating the Kingdom of England which is when the fun will begin. 2. We play in Baravia while a small Kingdom its on the frontier of Christendom so we can expand west, south and north into Pagan lands while also taking advantage of civil war in central Germany and Italy when it happens to snake land for our glorious Kingdom. 3. We go into Paganism and play as vicious Vikings in Sweden sending raiding parts into Europe for gold and prestige the only downside as our religion is unreform we can't have any succession laws other then gavel kind which means all the land you have will be divided between your sons and as you have to take on concubines to increase your presitge that a lot of children 4. With the lastest expansion Holy Fury we can go Shattered world which means there are no Kingdoms just Dukes fighting it out for control we all start in Central Germany and we rush to become the first King of it. Rules We will be doing Role Playing so you play the character traits good or bad the luantic trait you don't need to act that one out events will force you to do crazy things. if you have ambitious I want you to form alliances I need you to rally support for your bid to take over the throne baring any hatred to your family i am not going to excute you unless i have the Ruthless trait or Wroth and then i may be so incline Wroth really just depends on how hard you push me. No wiping out the Dynesty through assassination. Assassinating is part of CK but you need to be aware of how many members of that family are left so your main character is fair game its the best way to destabilize anyone but unless you have the ambitious/ruthless trait the kid is not a threat when he is an adult you can go after him if you have the ambitious trait take out a potenial threat it is acceptable best way to avoid that is to have a high intrigue member on your council. 1 Domain rule now 700 years is a lot of time for blood feuds to start between players my suggestion write down who did what to you and the date because we are going to go through characters like well water if the feud breaks out into war then you can take 99% of their land leaving them with only one domain to call their own its easy to build back up and if we have as many revolts as i am hoping for i do reward loyalty If any of you want to suggest any further rules please do so i have yet to do a CK2 MP and would like feedback.
  10. The AI never pulls the trigger and am tired of it in CK2 it all about climbing to the top and staying on top and sadly the AI dosen't seem to want to push me even when am playing on the highest difficulty so here is where i go hopefully there is 2-5 players that is interested in CK2 comment like anything because i would seriously like to run a MP of it as we go through the years we would keep going until the majority votes to end it at the end we will compare score and the highest emerges victiorious i would also like to RP it so you actually are your characters. Now am open to playing any European country from the Norsemen in the north to the Dukes and Counts in Mercia to the southern kingdom of Barvaria i want us to start out small and forge a mighty empire. I want to remember someone dethroning me in a King's election to someone creating a claim on the kingdom and winning it by the sword i want to hold a grudge against someone for killing my king throwing an inexpereince boy onto the throne a hundred years in the future so come on folks be brave comment and be ready to step into the past into an era of violence and plagues.
  11. Hey everyone after discussing we have brought our first Stellaris game to a stop it was a good trial run we learn a lot of things mainly to have a medium galaxy set the AI on a higher difficulty and so on so it happening on Thursday 7:30 est @Phoenix @Kriege7 @Nova05 @SyntheticPlayer @Tyrtaeus @ZEE you lot have said your available for Thursday the majority decides whether or not we play RP during it or not got a week to voice any suggestions to the setting other than Medium galaxy and Commodore difficulty
  12. until
    Hey all with the end of the first game its time to start up a new one this time on Thursday! once again I will be hosting and I do have all the DLC's so people can have a plant empire if they want! game time wise we want to do 2 hours the first thirty minutes we will discuss the rules what Empire's we will be playing and plz plz plz try and stick around for the 2 hours as @Nova05 discover it very sucky to come to an Empire that has already started and chosen crappy ascension perks "in Luigi voice" HEY WE GO! @Phoenix @Kriege7 @Tyrtaeus @Marbass @SyntheticPlayer @Wavedox777
  13. I was thinking of just doing a vanilla base game multiplayer server. Once we get some interest then we can talk about making additional ones with DLC included. I'm going on an LOA in a few days but want to try one out shortly after I get back. Thoughts?
  14. Anyone still actively playing Stellaris? I would be interested in joining some casual multiplayer games here and there.