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Do you hate having to navigate Tangled Depths, but would like to try the meta event? Have you heard the rumors of the fabled Chak Egg Sac? Well then we have a deal for you! Starting at 7:45pm EST we’ll be starting from the pact encampment waypoint, and not mounting, not gliding, not running.. but murder training on all the squishy bugs in our way to ley line confluence waypoint in preparation for the KoTJ meta event! We’ll be running in Rata Novus lane, unless it’s taken, in which case we’ll do Ogre lane. We’ll grab all the waypoints we need for the Meta, and possibly do some pre events (time permitting).


We’ll take a 5 minute break at 8:20 pm EST and regroup at 8:25pm for the 5 minute marker and to go over lane mechanics. All you need to bring is your war face and a good can do attitude. LETS GET THIS LOOT! Though not required, tips are appreciated towards the hall funding. (Please remember to be on the map by 8pm as the meta map will fill quickly after that.)


Hosted by @Lim

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