Master Mode Flaspoints



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Master mode are fun!

Let me know which class you want to bring so that we can balance the team. You can switch toon after each flashpoint if you want to.

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I have a 66 Sith Assasin Tank, but this is a Republic event? If that's the case, I could power level my Combat Medic Commando and do some healing.

I'm kind of new, sorry in advance for my rookie questions, but you need a lvl 75 toon for this event?

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@Sekknia This event is on the Republic side. You do not need to be level 75 (i think...) but the item rating is important. The easier ones can be done with an item rating of 250. For the harder ones, you'll most likely need 306 (and a set bonus would be best...). 

Swtorista did a flashpoint level list ( ). It is for 5.0 but i think most of it is still accurate.

To know which ones are available to your toon, you can look in the activity finder tab. You can look under the master mode flashpoint to know which ones that character can do with the group finder. 

Unless someone has a need or a request for a fp, we usually use the finder to get the bonus and the complete a random fp mission.



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