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[PvE-Pub] Uprisings


Dexstar (She/They)

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Now that the conquest contest has come to a close, lets get back into some Pub general PvE things! Hoping to knock out some achievements for some people and have some fun!

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I'll have my Healer ready. Not sure about DPS or Tank, but I am almost there.


EDIT: I'll have my Tank ready by then.

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Hi. Are there any level or gear level requirements for this event? I'm in my trial membership period and I'd like to start participating in guild events.  I'd be on a ranged DPS character but not a lot of experience with uprisings.


Thanks for your consideration.

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3 hours ago, Dlique said:

@jcmichaelwI believe there's a level requirement (70?) and possibly a subscription requirement set by SWTOR for uprisings. Can anyone confirm?


70 seems right. No need to be subbed though, as non-subs can still partake in uprisings by picking up the mission directly from the fleet terminals.

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I have to share with everyone that tonight's event was the most fun time I've had in my SWTOR life!!!  Thanks again for allowing me to participate.  The drips form those uprisings are going to go a long way in increasing my gear level (though I'm going to need some more cargo space if I keep dong that 😆).


Again, thanks for a great evening!

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Had a blast on Wednesday, but prob. can't make it today.  Have some workload I can't postpone (already cheated on it a lil by doing a few MMFPs, can't do it again :p). 

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