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PVP - PUB side - lvl 75's.



Event details

This event begins 10/26/21 and repeats every week on Tuesday until 12/01/21

We tried it and people liked it, so I'm putting it on the calendar for more to join us...


PVP, PUB side, lvl 75's.  No experience or gear required, just show up, smash buttons, and learn how to kill your enemies faster (or heal/tank for your team too) amongst your fellow teammates.

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I'd like to join and heal for PVP! I may only be able to stay for the first hour, because I want to do the festival event that starts just an hour after this event. But I'll heal if you've got room!

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All good, we'll see you there.  No worries about leaving early, just stay for what you can.  As for your class, run whatever you have the most fun with!  

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Members and Assistants of the Month

ESO MotM / AotM: Amrithir  / Illius the Pale

GW2 AotM: NatCogs

SWTOR MotM / AotM: oliviajenko




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