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    Mother Nature has thrown me a curve ball this week so I didn't have time to make a picture. Just pretend there is something really cool here along with something silly that makes you giggle-snort a little bit to the point that some of the coffee goes up your nose I'm planning on still being able to RL this on Monday. HOWEVER, in the event that the infrastructure in the great state of Florida suffers immensely to the point that it precludes me from getting online next week, @Zahk has volunteered to LEAD US TO VICTORY. PVE Operation Event: Eternity Vault multi-run Special Notes: EV is a short and easy SMOPS and is a FANTASTIC PLACE TO TEST OUT NEW ROLES AND SPECS Event Time: 9:00 PM EDT Koalafications: Level 80 Imperial side Subscribed to the game Discord True grit Panache Star Parse is not required but encouraged for those seeking to INCREASE THEIR POWER LEVELS TO RIDICULOUS EXTREMES Roster: Celebrity Tank/DPS: @Zahk Heal: @Fooj Heal: @StarfoxWolf DPS: @shlebylee DPS: @Víkarr DPS: @silentso1dier DPS: @Arlanii DPS: @Christian Redheart Backup/2nd Run/3rd Run?: @MontagoHalcyon SM ETERNITY VAULTAPALOOZA @ 9:00PM EDT
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ESO MotM / AotM: Abby Cottontail / Josie

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SWTOR MotM: levelupkit

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