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  1. Dint

    Origin Names

    I sent everyone a friend request! I'm currently in game if anyone wants to group up for anything! I'm currently doing the Challenges of Legionnaires. It's taking forever! hahaha
  2. I'm feeling the Ranger a lot lately. Watching people playing on YouTube and such. It'll probably be my main unless I just find another javelin more fun. I haven't played any demos though, so launch is going to be my first time playing hahaha
  3. Dint

    Guild Name

    I say name it Remnants of Hope
  4. Dint

    Origin Names

    Mine is Dint08 feel free to add!
  5. I appreciate it! Hey! haha thanks for the invite
  6. Hey! All is good! Thanks for the welcome! Can anyone invite me to the FC? It would be most appreciated I am a brand new player hahaha