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  1. mouseymigration

    Casual RP

    Usually at a bar in Boralus!
  2. mouseymigration

    Story RP

    Check the Hope's Respite RP subforum for details on the current story campaign
  3. Got you signed up on the wow raid, pvp, and crafting taglists!

  4. mouseymigration

    RP-PvP Stormsong Finale

    Warmode on, come find out the real reason Warfang Hold won't surrender!
  5. mouseymigration

    RP Campaign (WM ON)

    Pt. 2 of the RP-PvP campaign in Stormsong (rescheduled from last weekend).
  6. mouseymigration

    RP Campaign (WM ON)

    2-shot warmode-on campaign in Stormsong Valley!
  7. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week as a hobby weightlifter but am looking to focus on my diet as a health/fitness related goal for 2020. I really like junk food so it's kinda hard to tell I also work out, lol. This year the goal is to reduce meat intake to twice a week and start cooking for myself more, instead of letting Lazy Grad Student take over at mealtimes and make instant noodles. For yall not wanting to work out in front of people- I will forever and always recommend Darebee as a great resource for both strength training and HIIT workouts. It's a website with workout plans, diet plans, and lots of resources for tracking your workouts. It's what I used when I first got started working out and still use if I don't feel like walking to the gym.