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  1. I liked Skyward and Starsight by Brandon Sanderson so much that I went out and purchased another series by Sanderson. I purchased the entire 6 book Mistborn series. I usually don't gamble and buy a complete series until I've read book one but the reviews were good so I went for. It's different then what I usually read and have to say I'm enjoying it so far. I read where a few others have either started reading or have read Mistborn and all seem to like it. So that helped persuade me! I'll post what I think here after I complete each book. I read slow so don't hold your breath looking for quick updates! lol Daggar Huntington
  2. Congrats on Member of the Month winner! Nice job!

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    [PVE-Pub] Datacron Hunt


    Please add me. Never done this. Need to know where to go/what to do. Got my Discord working last week with help of an RoH member. FYI: I'm a trial member and need some events under my belt.
  4. I'm currently reading the two-book series "Skyward" followed by "Starsight", written by Brandon Sanderson. This is a SciFi series and is Young Adult in nature. However, I was looking for something new from the usual Adventure/Fantasy books I read and the series had extremely high reviews. I was not disappointed! I just finished book one, Skyward, and after a slow start to the first couple of chapters the book really took-off and I could not put it down. Despite it being geared towards YA, I found it to be a very fast read and very satisfying as well. I would say most adults would find it a step-up from YA so don't be fooled by that label. I'll be starting book two, Starsight, this week. I finished book 2 last week and it was every bit as riveting as the first with one exception. There is a philosophical chapter or two in the middle I found really boring. I scanned through it quickly because I'm not into the, for example: "can AI's, robots, etc really learn to feel type crap". Other then that excellent reading. The book ended in a manner you would think a book 3 will be coming. Hope so. questions still left unanswered.