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    We have a new event to try out today: Sardines! This is effectively reverse hide and seek: we'll be in Alinor, and 1 person (me, Bythebeat/Requian) will be hiding somewhere in the city! Everyone will be asked to, in good faith, turn off any name plates and such to not show instantly where I'm at You'll all be in a voice channel, and when someone finds me, they say nothing, drop channel to a separate voice channel that I'm in, and join me in hiding right on top of me! This continues until the last person finds the group, and then we can go again Come one, come all and join the chaos! See you at 8:30 PM EST!
  2. Sure, these seems like a good place to post our character stuff! Thanks @Josie I'm at CP450, and I have three characters that qualify for this, in order of preference of play: DPS - MagSorc w/False Gods, Medusa, 1 slimecraw, and Wading Kilt : does about 20k dps on a skelly dummy Heals - MagNecro w/Spell power Cure, Sentinel of Rkguamz, and Hollowfang Tank - DK w/Torug's Pact, Lord Warden, Yolnahkriin (gold weapons and 5 armor)(This is my T2 toon so I will fill with it if I have to, but very much would prefer to get experience elsewhere)
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