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    04 May 2021 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    This week will be dual ops! We'll be heading to Ziost AND Belsavis! Make sure you RSVP and post in the comments what role(s) you can bring. 
    Event details:
    Monday @ 9pm to 11:00pm ET This weeks Operation will be SM HoR and SM EV You must have a level 70+ Imperial character Item rating 210 (on your character sheet) is bare minimum  StarParse is not required, but many of us will likely be in there anyway  Don't forget your stims! As well as medpacks and whatever else you need Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel   
    See you all Monday!
    Raid leaders: @Dalivandrian and @Merliah
    Tank: @Merliah
    Tank: @Slyfoxmartin
    Heals: @Frarry (she/her)
    Heals: @RaVem
    Dps: @Dalivandrian
    Dps: @Mountainjay
    Dps: @Elisel
    Dps: @Dlique
    Backups: @Jinn Galia
    Keep the signups coming and we can do another 16 this week! ✨
    SM Heart of Ruin and SM Eternity Vault 

    Event details

    Tapestry of Destiny (Calendar) 7 Comments

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    24 August 2021 01:00 AM      02:00 AM

    This event began 01/29/20 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

    Social Hour
    brought to you by the Crafting Department!

    Do you like to fish? Do you like to gather mats? Do you like hanging out with your awesome guild mates in Discord while listening to fun music? If you do, Social Hour is for you! Hosted by the Crafting Department, the purpose of Social Hour is to give everyone a chance to relax, hang out, and get to know each other while fishing and/or farming mats.
    Social Hour will take place every Tuesday from 8 PM to 9 PM EST, the hour before PvP Cyrodiil.  Discord is highly encouraged for this event. Please let the host of Social Hour know if you can't join in on Discord for any reason.
    How Social Hour Works
    Each week a new location will be chosen, and we'll all gather there to fish, farm, and in general have a great time. If need be, we may break up into small groups by faction so that we're not all fighting over the same nodes! The crafting officer or an assistant will start to send invites out at 8:00 PM EST. Players can then travel to the host and the chosen location for that week. It's a good idea to clear out your inventory before joining the event, especially if you plan on donating crafting mats to the guild bank! Start up the music! We use Club RoH. This is entirely optional but a lot of fun. You can play DJ and treat your guild mates to your favourite songs. If you're using the Dolgubon's Lazy Farming add-on in order to donate mats to the guild bank, save your bag. Farm and fish to your heart's content while spending quality time with guild mates! At the end of the event, use the add on to pull your mats into your inventory to donate to the guild bank!  
    Add-ons and Apps
    Discord - Highly encouraged! Club RoH - Optional but fun Dolgubon's Lazy Farming - Useful, especially for donating but entirely optional HarvestMap - Optional but useful for tracking nodes and fishing spots Votan's Fisherman - Optional but tracks the bait and fish for the different fishing spots

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    ESO 1 Comment

    24 August 2021 01:00 AM      02:00 AM

    This event began 02/24/20 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

    Join the group to walk through the entire GW2 Living Story! We will be running through each mission and watching all cut scenes. There will also be times where we will try and get the achievements!

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    24 August 2021 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    This event begins 12/27/19 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

    The Circle of Hope strikes out on a series of adventures! Join them as they seek glory!

    Event details

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