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    Tank: @Vorn Tank: @MO-0519 Heals: @DreamingofRoses Heals: @Chelly Dps: @Merliah Dps: @TMUMT Dps: @Revanite Dps: @Aedi Lanigiro See you all tonight!
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    If anyone is interested I have a PDF of the official Lore book for Final Fantasy XIV. Encyclopedia_Eorzea.pdf
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    I'm at the airport in Baltimore and should be home tonight. Barring anything really bad happening, I'll be looking forward to gaming with you all again.
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    My daughter's Kofi page for any art lovers out there: https://ko-fi.com/lilgreenagamede
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    Forum RPs "Tatooine & Piercing" and "The Mighty Warbacca" are reaching their final stages. Check them out in the SWTOR Forum Roleplays area!
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    Oooooh I am so excited! I woke up this morning and found some awesome news from SSG! I guess they appeared at Indy's GenCon (which I am not too familiar with), but announced 2 things in the works! 1. A NEW RACE! The Stout Axe Dwarves! (yippee for us dwarf lovers!) Complete with new starting area! 2. RACE CHANGES! If I am reading things correctly, you will be able to pay to switch your character's race! Articles here: Massively Overpowered Reddit Lotro Players (A good video with more detail...) I am thrilled to see these, on top of the upcoming expansion (Minas Morgul!!!) I made a different post about that they are working on. I'm curious as to how they will spin the lore of things, since it doesn't quite match up to Tolkein's works on the surface, but I'm still anxious and excited! I can't help but wonder if A) they will finally have female dwarves and B) if it will be a leveled character upon creation (like the death knight of WoW). Oh the possibilities! What do you guys think? Tagging all in the club: @Jae Onasi @Midget Cowboy @tgLEradicate @Hygelak @Malerok @Amrithir @Revanite @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Jance @Xyain @Miniver the Depressed @Galvanic @Martini @midgitary @Skedarking @Vinko @HosPie @Dalivandrian @Kamillus @Pinkatron2000 @Patman300 @Carg @SvaalaD @Greyman @Jinn Galia @Telana @Azzareth @Ellenore @RhemaTom @Sweetbunny @Daizey @Vorn @Lyrazel @Tyrtaeus @Skywolven @Lagerfueled @Elisel @Chelly @Hrom
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    GUYS IT'S MA BIRFDAY!!! And the best present ever is gonna be raiding with you! So come in, give plenty of adulations, and let's have fun! Primaries @Katalaw (birfday girl) @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Madhatter5510 @Vorn @Orig Wrangler @MO-0519 Alternates @Aishya
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    Tenative since I don't know what i am doing tomorrow night, but I should be home for sure Merls I will let you and aedi know if I am not. I will miss you all on my lOA *hugs*
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    @Aedi Lanigiro, @Jed, @Rama, @Chelly, and @MO-0519 we will not be running this Wednesday due to some things going on irl for me and @Vorn and @Frarry will be absent anyways. We'll be getting back together next Wednesday the 31st.
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    Omg omg omg omg this!! November 12!!
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    Wanted to post another update for those who wanted to hear from me. I have been scouring the jewelry stores with my loved one. She picked out the ring she wanted for the engagement ring. As her and I thought it was good for the couple to do it together Here is the final find as I get the requirements to finance this beautiful ring. To soon one day get on one knee to propose. She tried it on and fell in love. Since I am half a world away from her its been rough, but she has been very insistent that she isn't going any where. Thank the lords lol.
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