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  1. Hey @Fooj et al, I’ve been taking a break from SWTOR, got burned out. If y’all can’t get a full 16-man group, I’ll be monitoring discord, so holler if you need some extra Deeps. So I’ll play backup if needed. Otherwise, I’ll be tromping thru Eorzea.
  2. until

    I've had a terrible week. I could use some shenanigans. mDPS, if there is room
  3. I’m down to clown! Bringing DPS.
  4. Aldo Hanso



    I’m not coming, but TOS is doable (and fun and lore-related). The other two definitely are not.
  5. until

    If I’m allowed, I’d like to come with DPS. I am leaning ranged cause it’s easier but have mDPS ready if needed.
  6. until

    I'm comin', I'm comin' . . . I'm gonna rock my Plasmatech.
  7. until

    If you're short people I can mDPS. otherwise, I'll take it easy this evening.
  8. until

    Story Mode? . . . Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Bringing good ol’ reliable Arsenal Merc, ranged DPS
  9. I suppose this will be my summer project.
  10. until

    Specifically declined to note I would go if I didn’t have plans already. A rare social outing.
  11. until

    Coming in hard and fast with some DPS (probably ranged, but possibly a SI).
  12. until

    No idea what I’m bringing . . . Something something DPS.
  13. until

    I can’t decide what I want to bring. I’m leaning ranged DPS.
  14. until

    Put me down as a backup. I feel like playing some story tonight, but i can fill in if needed.
  15. until

    Ok, ok, count me in with some melee DPS!

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